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RefWorks Introduction: Getting Started: All Users

How To Instructions:

Adding Citations from a Database 

*This method of adding citations will be the most commonly used*

Now that you have a RefWorks account, you need to add some citations to it!

1. Make sure you are logged in to your RefWorks account.

2. Find an article in one of our databases. Example: Academic Search Complete 

3. When you have found an article in the database that you would like to keep track of in RefWorks click on the article title. 

4. Click on the Export link on the right side of the page. When asked "Save citations to a file formatted for:" Click on Direct Export to RefWorks and save. A new page will open that says "Which version of Refworks would you like to export to?" Choose ProQuest RefWorks (second option)Sign into RefWorks if you are not already logged into your account. 

5. When "import references to library?" pops up click continue. "Import complete" should pop up when it is done. Click on OK. The citation will be on the left side under "Last Imported (icon with the clock)." Now RefWorks has all the information you need to cite that article. For easier access assign the citation to a folder. (See step 5 for instructions). 

6. Click on the check box next to the beginning of the article to select it. Once selected click on the folder icon (second tab) at the top. Click on the create button and name the folder. Click on create folder. That citation is now in that specific folder. For any other citations within the same topic you won't have to make a new folder, just select the already created folder in the list. 


Adding Citations Manually 

*Use this method if you want to cite something you did not find in a database (like a book or PDF found not in our databases)*

1. Click the + button on the top tab and choose Create New Reference.  A panel will appear on the right side of the screen. 

2. Select the Ref Type (book, journal article, etc) from the drop down menu. 

3. Enter the title into the Title field.

4. As a shortcut, once you have entered the title, click the lightning bolt button on the right. This button will try to find the rest of your article's information. If it finds one, just click it in the list that appears at the bottom of the page. It will fill in the rest of the citation information. If the article is not found, finish filling out the fields manually. 

5. Click Save at the top to save the citation. 

6. Assign to a folder for easier access. Click on the check box next to the beginning of the article to select it. Once selected click on the folder icon (second tab) at the top. 

6a. If you already created a folder: select that folder in the list. 

6b. To put the citation in a new folder: Click on the create button and name the folder. Click on create folder. That citation is now in that specific folder. For any other citations within the same topic you won't have to make a new folder,


Adding Citations by Uploading a Document

*Use this method if you have an article (not from a database) saved in File Explorer*

1. Click on the "add" icon (cross icon) at the top ribbon. 

2. In the drop down menu click on "upload document." 

3. Upload chosen document from files. 


Creating a Bibliography

Once you have organized your citations into a folder, you can use that folder to generate a formatted bibliography.

1. Click on the folder icon on the left to generate your bibliography. 

2. If you want to use every reference in this folder for your bibliography Click on (on the top tab) and choose Create Bibliography. If you want to use specific references, click the checkbox next to each reference you want to use and then Click on and choose Create Bibliography.

3. Choose your citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc) from the dropdown menu at the top, and watch as your bibliography is automatically changed to match. When you are happy, click Copy to ClipboardThen, go to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. and copy/paste the bibliography in! 

4. Go back to the Libguide page. Click on the "Proofreading Refworks" tab. Read the section on common mistakes before submitting paper. 

Organizing Citations 

Renaming Projects 

RefWorks automatically creates your first project with the name Untitled Project. 

1. Rename your current project by clicking on the down arrow next to Untitled Project at the top.  

2. Click on "manage projects" in the drop down menu. 

3. Your current project will show. Click on "actions." Click on rename. Enter title for current project. Example: Research Paper on Substance Abuse. Click Save.  

Creating new projects 

1. Click on the down arrow next to Untitled Project. 

2. Click on "manage projects." 

3. Click on "create a new project."

4. Enter name for new project. 

5. Click save. 

Creating different Folders

This is where you create folders if you have not already done so. 

1. RefWorks folders are listed in the left sidebar. Click on the folder icon.  Click + Add a Folder to add and name a new folder.

2. To add citations to your new folder, just go to All Documents (the first icon on the left tab) or Last Imported (the second icon on the left tab) click on the citation you want to add. Drag it to the folder by clicking the folder icon and dragging it into the assigned folder .

Video Instructions

Stay tuned for video instructions!