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RefWorks Introduction: Proofreading RefWorks

Common Mistakes

Bibliography Example

Kim, D., Fisher, D, & McCalman, D. (2009). Modernism, christianity, and business ethics: A worldview perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 90(1), 115-121. doi:
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What's Wrong?

RefWorks does not recognize proper nouns. This is such a common error that you will probably find at least one when you proofread your own bibliography. Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

Does not add period after in-text citation 

MLA 8 has 3 different options when you are creating bib format 

Bibliography Example

CHRISTIAN, K., ENGEL, A. M., & SMITH, J. M. (2011). Predictors and outcomes of prolonged ventilation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. American Surgeon, 77(7), 942-947. 
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What's Wrong?

Author's names are in ALL CAPS. Some databases put authors or titles in all caps. You can fix this as you proofread your bibliography. To permanently correct it, edit the record in RefWorks.


Q: Can I use a different email instead of my MSUM email?

A: No, students have access to RefWorks because MSUM is subscribing to it. 


Q: Do I still need to proofread my citations and bibliography?

A: Yes! Although RefWorks is better than many other citation machine cites, it is important to always double check your work.