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Holidays and Observances

This guide provides information about a variety of cultural and religious celebrations, including calendars. Use this resource to assure inclusivity and plan accommodations in events and classroom activities.

Holidays and Accommodations

MSUM’s dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion recognizes that we must respect all faiths of our students and employees. When planning activities faculty, staff, and students can access this guide for dates of religious holidays and cultural events, as well as to learn about dietary restrictions and recommended accommodations. For specific events on campus, please review DragonCentral.

The main calendar is arranged by the academic calendar year for the current and next school year. Some holidays are based on the lunar calendar--which can vary based on region and practice--and, therefore, vary from year to year.

Kosher restrictions apply: Jewish dietary guidelines which apply daily throughout the year. These restrictions include pork, shellfish (fish is allowed), and mixing meat with dairy.

Halal restrictions apply: Islamic dietary laws which apply throughout the year. These restrictions include alcohol and pork.

Occasional dietary restrictions for other religions are listed with the specific event to which they apply.

Great care has been given to assure accuracy of the dates. However, sources often differ on dates and on the spelling of the holiday. Please contact to let us know of obvious errors or to submit other dates we should consider.

This guide has been created with material from Webster  Library at Webster University; used by permission.