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What Grad Students Need to Know about the Livingston Lord Library: Home

The life of a grad student

As a graduate student, you will work on many research-intensive projects and assignments. You'll need to find relevant information, and you'll want to do so as efficiently as possible.

Think about some of the interesting questions and problems you'd like to solve as you earn your graduate degree. How will you access information that can help you solve those problems? Who is available to help you when you hit a roadblock?

Here are several learning outcomes for this guide:

  • Identify both physical and online locations of the library
  • Recall the steps of conducting research and techniques for determining your research focus
  • Identify strategies for gathering information and tools for managing and organizing research
  • Understand what you need to know about copyright guidelines for scholars

Any time you need help

Professor & Public Services Librarian

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Much of the information appearing on this libguide was modeled after Arizona State University's Research Services Librarian, Matt Ogborn.