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EECE 275: Effective Methods & Materials in Early Childhood Education: Search Tips

Search Tips

For themes that are more conceptual (emotions, friendship, etc.) than practical (flowers, colors, etc.), look to Subject Tags in the library catalog to find books. Use the Advanced Search, select Subject, then search using your theme.

Advanced search showing Curriculum Materials Center selected, "subject" selected, and search term "feelings."

When you find something good, scroll down to the Subject Tags, and click on the right one. You will get a list with everything tagged with that Subject Tag.

Screenshot of a book record showing details. "Subject" and relevant tags of "emotions" and "emotions in children" are highlighted.

More Tips

When looking for picturebooks, don't discount nonfiction. There can be highly illustrated, age appropriate picturebook-like books in nonfiction as well.


Get creative! Think about themes that are related to your theme. If my theme is Flowers, I might also find things in Gardening, Nature, Spring, or Bees.