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EECE 275: Effective Methods & Materials in Early Childhood Education: Books

Find Books

To find picture books, informational books, and big books on your theme:

1. Using Dragon OneSearch, select Curriculum Materials Center on the drop down menu, enter your topic, and search.

2. Limit your search:

To search for picture books   

  • Collection > Limit to Curriculum Picture Book

To search for informational books (includes nonfiction, songs, poetry, and folklore)

  • Collection > Limit to Curriculum Nonfiction

  To search for big books (oversize books to read aloud to an entire class)

  • Collection > Limit to Curriculum Big Book
  • Or simply browse the Big Book bins in the CMC.

Evaluate Books

When selecting books to read to a group, make sure to read them beforehand. Picture books are for a range of ages; one book that seems perfect for your topic might be too advanced for your audience. It is easier to read a book to a group if you've already read it at least once.