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Theses and Dissertations

This guide is designed for graduate programs who require theses or dissertations. It will help you with your research, the requirements for your document, and uploading it into our institutional repository, RED.

Uploading into RED

Student RED Thesis and Dissertation Upload Guide

Step One:  Go to the RED web site linked off of the Library’s home page.

Step Two: On the lower left side, find “Author Corner” and click on “Submit Research”

Step Three:  Click on Graduate Studies

Step Four:   Click on Thesis, Projects, and Papers

Step Five:   Don’t Have an Account?  Sign Up

Step Six:      Read and agree to the terms.

Step Seven: Fill out the required and other parts of the form. This includes:

Thesis/Dissertation Title

Your Name and Email

Date of Award

Document Type (Drop Down Menu: Thesis/Project/Dissertation)

Degree Name (Drop Down Menu)

Department if applicable

First Advisor (Chair of Your Committee)

Second Advisor

Third Advisor

Keywords – Up to six keywords

Subject Categories – Select the one(s) most applicable (these are pre-set).


Creative Commons License – Select the license that matches your needs.  Click the link “Creative Commons” for an explanation of the different licensing choices.

Step Eight:  Upload Full Text

Upload PDF from computer.

Step Nine:  Submit.


Note: Would you like a bound copy of your document? If so, binding is available on demand through Houchen Bindery: