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STL 226: Social Studies for Elementary Majors

How do I request something through ILL?

To Request through Your Library Account

1. On the Library's homepage, select Interlibrary Loan Requests under "Services."

MSUM Library homepage


2. Select the red "Request a Book, Article, DVD, or CD" button on the next page.

3. Log into your library account using your StarID and password.

4. Fill in the blank form to the best of your ability, making sure that the required lines with a red * are filled in.
The more information provided, the easier it is to find and the quicker it can be sent to you. If you have information that doesn't fit into any of the fields, use the Comment section at the end of the form.

NOTE: If you are a Distance Education student, be sure to indicate that in the Comment section of every book request. This will let the ILL department know to mail the requested items instead of asking you to come pick it up. If your mailing address is different than the one on record with the school, also include that information. You will get an automated letter from the system to please pick up your books at the library. You can reply to that email with a reminder that your items need to be mailed to you.

5. Click "send request" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. On the Copyright Notice, select "I agree with the terms." A successful request will show a green bar with the text "Your request was successful" at the top of the page.

To check on a request after you have sent it, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen (once logged in) and in the drop down menu, select "My Requests." A list of all of your requests will appear with information about where they are in the process of getting to you.

When a request is ready/filled:

Digital Items: you will receive an email message at your MSUM email with either a PDF attachment or further instructions on how to access your PDF.

Physical Items: you will receive an email message at your MSUM email letting you know to pick up the book at the library. If you are a Distance Ed student, you will still receive a pickup email. Your item will be mailed to your home address (unless you provided an alternative address).