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Minnesota State Policy

Note: Contract stipulations take precedence over institutional policies. Therefore, employees should consult your current contract for additional copyright and intellectual property information. Find current contracts on the Human Resources website (login may be required to view). Students should follow the policies below.

See all Minnesota State Board Policies and Procedures.

Board Policy 3.22 Course Syllabi and Course Outlines
The purpose of this policy is to define and govern dissemination of course syllabi and course outlines.

System Procedure 3.22.1 Course Syllabi and Course Outlines
This procedure identifies the characteristics of course outlines and course syllabi and the important roles they serve within Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Board Policy 3.26 Intellectual Property
This document describes ownership rights to a work and applies to colleges, universities, the system office, and their respective employees, student employees, and students.

NOTE: Ownership rights may be modified by specific conditions described in Part 4, Subpart B and Subpart C.

System Procedure 3.26.1 Patent Inquiry Procedures
This procedure implements Board Policy 3.26 Intellectual Property and provides a consistent process for system colleges, universities, and the system office to have inventions evaluated for potential patents.

Board Policy 3.27 Copyrights
This document describes Minnesota State's position on copyright.

System Procedure 3.27.1 Copyright Clearance
This procedure implements Board Policy 3.27 Copyrights and provides guidance on clearing the copyright of materials prior to use.

Minnesota State Copyright Guidelines
Note: Guidelines are just that - guidelines. They are not the law.
This list of guidelines from Minnesota State can help faculty, staff, and students in their copyright decisions. Always make sure that the law is followed.