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When adding content items to D2L Brightspace, there are a few things to consider. If you are adding content for an on site course, you may not need to consult the TEACH Act Checklist, but it can be a good idea just in case.

When proving articles, link to the library record. This not only assures that you are using a legally obtained copy of the article and are not infringing copyright by distributing copyrighted material, but also provides accurate use statistics to the library that helps provide access to the most used resources. For example, if only the instructor accesses the article, that is only one use; if a class of 30 students access the article, that's 30 uses. Always use the permalink to link to the record. If you need assistance, contact the Research Help Desk.

For on site courses, limit the number of digitized book chapters; use library reserves instead. If students will be on campus, it is safer to provide book chapters through reserves. Setting up reserve items is quick and easy. See Course Reserves for more information and instructions.

When it is necessary to include digitized book chapters, provide each chapter individually. Include the cover or title page of the book and the copyright page as well.

When including media, link to an official version and include attribution information. At the very least, provide the title, author, and a link to the original.

Remember that just because you are using something in an education context, does not automatically mean it falls under fair use or TEACH Act protection.