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Affordable and Open Educational Resources Toolkit

Textbook Affordability at MSUM

We aim to support faculty in helping our students afford course materials. This guide outlines a variety of support available for faculty, both at MSUM and at the Minnesota State System Office. 

Aside from utilizing Open Educational Resources, which you can read more about in this guide, there are a variety of other ways in which students can save money on textbooks.

Faculty can start small to save students money.

  • Consider placing copies of textbooks and other course materials on Course Reserves
  • Assign an eBook, video, or articles from the library as course materials. Tip: Reach out to to ensure there are no restrictions on the materials you're planning to use. Make sure you utilize persistent links, so students don't run into access issues. 
  • Suggest an item for MSUM Librarians to purchase that you could use in class.