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Dragon OneSearch Help: Search Tips

This guide provides tutorials and assistance on using Dragon OneSearch.


Use these tips to streamline and focus your searching.

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators can broaden or narrow your search.

Use AND to retrieve results that contain both search terms:

Use OR to retrieve results that contain any and all of your search terms:

Use NOT to exclude search terms:

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks can be used to retrieve more specific results.

Search terms in quotation marks are searched as a phrase rather than as individual words.

     "Global warming" vs global warming.

Truncation and Wildcards

Truncation and wildcards are used to search for any spelling of a word.

Truncation: use an asterisk (*) to replace a part of a word:

     librar* = library, libraries, librarian

Wildcards: use a question mark (?) to replace one letter within a word:

     wom?n = woman, women

Fields in Advanced Search

Use the Fields options to streamline your results.

Title: search in titles only

     Harry Potter

Author/Creator: search in author/creator names only

     Stephen King

Subject: search the subjects only

     Social Work

Boolean operators, Quotation Marks, Truncation, and Wildcards can all be used in Advanced Search.