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COMM 415: Teaching Methods for Communication - Hest: Source Evaluation

Ways to Remember



· Is there a publishing or sponsoring organization? Is the organization an authority on the subject?
· Is the author listed? Is the author an authority on the subject? How do you know?
· Are there spelling errors, grammar errors, dead links, or other problems that indicate a lack of quality control?


· Does the information on the site agree with other sources?
· Does the site contradict itself?
· What is the date of publication or copyright?
· How recently has the site been updated?


· Does the author, host, publisher, or sponsor have a bias?
· What is the motivation or purpose for creating the site?
(To sell a product? To advance a viewpoint or belief? To educate?)


· Are the sources listed? Can they be checked?
· Is there a way to contact the author or organization?

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