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Subject Guide: Film Studies: Award-winning Books

This is the guide for Film Studies

Award-winning Books

The And/Or Book Awards (formerly the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards) have been made annually since 1985, and have alternated yearly between books on photography and books on the moving image.  The winning books have been those which make original and lasting educational, professional, historical, technical, scientific, social, literary or cultural contributions to the field. For information about the Krasna-Krausz Foundation, responsible for these awards, click here.

LaToya Ruby Frazier by LaToya Ruby Frazier
Moving image
Frame by frame : a materialist aesthetics of animated cartoons by Hannah Frank

Zanele Muholi : somnyama ngonyama = hail the dark lioness by Zanele Muholi
Moving image
Scala Cinema, 1978-1993 by Jane Giles

Field studies : walking through landscapes and archives by Chrystel Lebas
Moving image
Split screen nation : moving images of the American West and South by Susan Courtney

Provoke : between protest and performance : photography in Japan, 1960-1975, edited by Diane Dafour, Duncan Forbes, and Matthew Witkovsky
Moving image
Anatomy of sound : Norman Corwin and media authorship, edited by Jacob Smith and Neil Verman

The erasure trilogy by Fazal Sheikh
Moving image
L. A. Rebellion : creating a new Black cinema, edited by Allyson Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, and Jacqueline Najuma Stewart

Archive of modern conflict, journal issue 9 : Amore e piombo : the photography of extremes in 1970s Italy, edited by Federica Chiocchetti and Roger Hargreaves
Moving Image
Death and the moving image : ideology, iconography and I by Michele Aaron

Sergio Larrain : vagabond photographer by Agnès Sire
Moving Image
Charles Urban : pioneering the non-fiction film in Britain and America, 1897–1925 by Luke McKernan

War/photography : images of armed conflict and its aftermath by Anne Wilkes Tucker and Will Michels with Natalie Zelt
Moving Image
Hollywood costume by Deborah Nadoolman Landis

Carleton Watkins : the complete Mammoth photographs by Weston Naef and Christine Hult-Lewis
Moving Image
Concentrationary cinema : aesthetics as political resistance in Alain Resnais's "Night and fog" by Griselda Pollock and Max Silverman

TJ: Johannesburg photographs 1948-2010 / Double negative : a novel by David Goldblatt and Ivan Vladislavić
Moving image
Disappearing tricks : silent film, Houdini, and the new magic of the twentieth century by Matthew Solomon

Oil by Edward Burtynsky
Moving image
Eisenstein and the audiovisual : the montage of music, image, and sound in cinema by Robert Robertson

Susan Meiselas : in history by Susan Meiselas, edited by Kristen Lubben
Moving image
Photography and cinema by David Campany

Foto : modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945 by Matthew S. Witkovsky
Impressed by light : British photographs from paper negatives, 1840-1860 by Roger Taylor
Moving image
A history of artists' film and video in Britain, 1897-2004 by David Curtis

The photobook : a history, volumes 1 & 2 by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger
Moving image
Orson Welles : hello Americans By Simon Callow


Res : Lo Stato delle Cose by Antonio Biasiucci
Family business by Mitch Epstein
Received special commendation:
Freedom : a photographic history of the African American struggle ; text by Manning Marable and Leith Mullings
A guide to the preventive conservation of photograph collections by Bertrand Lavédrine
The history of Japanese photography by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Dana Friis-Hansen, Kaneko Ryuichi, Takeba Joe et al
Julia Margaret Cameron : the complete photographs by Julian Cox and Colin Ford ; with contributions by Joanne Lukitsh and Philippa Wright
Zona : Siberian prison camps by Carl De Keyzer

Culture & History Books
Atlas of emotion : journeys in art, architecture and film by Giuliana Bruno
Craft, Technology & Scientific Books
This film is dangerous : a celebration of nitrate film, edited by Roger Smither ; associate editor Catherine A. Surowiec
Received special commendation:
The history of television, 1942-2000 by Albert Abramson
The emergence of cinematic time : modernity, contingency, the archive by Mary Ann Doane
Wondrous difference : cinema, anthropology and turn-of-the-century visual culture by Alison Griffiths
Making pictures : a century of European cinematography created by Imago, the Federation of European Cinematographers
The conversations : Walter Murch and the art of editing film by Michael Ondaatje


The photographic art of William Henry Fox Talbot by Larry J. Schaaf
The beautiful and the damned : the creation of identity in nineteenth century photography by Peter Hamilton & Roger Hargreaves

Moving Image

Culture & History Books Category
Writing himself into history : Oscar Micheaux, his silent films, and his audiences by Pearl Bowser and Louise Spence
Business, Techniques & Technology Category
Special effects : the history and technique by Richard Rickitt
Received special commendation:
Nordic explorations : film before 1930, edited by John Fullerton and Jan Olsson
Encyclopaedia of the Magic Lantern, edited by David Robinson, Stephen Herbert and Richard Crangle
Production design & art direction by Peter Ettedgui
Restoring Baird's image by Donald F. McLean


Case history by Boris Mikhailov
Scientific photography and applied imaging by Sidney F Ray
Received special commendation:
Passion, justice, freedom : photographs of Sicily by Letizia Battaglia
Česka fotografická avantgarda 1918-1948 by Vladimir Birgus & contributors
Ben Shahn's New York : the photography of modern times by Deborah Martin Kao, Laura Katzman & Jenna Webster
Full moon by Michael Light
Irving Penn regards the work of Issey Miyake by Irving Penn
Germaine Krull : photographer of modernity by Kim Sichel

Moving Image

More than night : film noir in its contexts by James Naremore
Television : an international history of the formative years by R. W. Burns
Received special commendation:
The red rooster scare : making cinema American, 1900-1910 by Richard Abel
Walt Disney and Europe : European influences on the animated feature films of Walt Disney by Robin Allan
Home movies and other necessary fictions by Michelle Citron
The talkies : American cinema’s transition to sound, 1926-1931 by Donald Crafton
Story : substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting by Robert McKee
MPEG-2 by John Watkinson
Television production by Gerald Millerson


Umbo : Otto Umbehr 1902-1980 by Herbert Molderings
Beauty of another order : photography in science by Ann Thomas
Received special commendation:
Photography : an independent art : photographs from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1839-1996 by Mark Haworth-Booth
Real fantasies : Edward Steichen’s advertising photography by Patricia Johnston
High speed photography and photonics, edited by Sidney F. Ray
Parisian views by Shelley Rice
Delta : the perils, profits, and politics of water in South and Southeast Asia by Daniel Schwartz

Moving Image

The encyclopaedia of animation techniques by Richard Taylor
The world according to Hollywood, 1918-1939 by Ruth Vasey
Received special commendation:
David Lean : a biography by Kevin Brownlow
The egos have landed : the rise and fall of Palace Pictures by Angus Finney
Broadcasting, society, and policy in the multimedia age by Andrew Graham & Gavyn Davies
In the kingdom of shadows : a companion to early cinema by Colin Harding & Simon Popple
New patterns in global television : peripheral vision, edited by John Sinclair, Elizabeth Jacka & Stuart Cunningham
Advanced television systems : brave new TV by Joan Van Tassel


Eve Arnold, in retrospect by Eve Arnold
Records of the dawn of photography : Talbot's notebooks P & Q  by Larry J. Schaaf
Received special commendation:
Venezia by Elio Ciol with text by Carlo della Corte
"A higher branch of the art" : photographing the fine arts in England, 1839-1880 by Anthony Hamber
Robert Doisneau : a photographer's life by Peter Hamilton
In the camps by Erich Hartmann
The reproduction of colour, 5th edition, by Dr. R. W. G. Hunt
Likeness and landscape : Thomas M. Easterly and the art of the daguerreotype by Dolores A. Kilgo
A history of women photographers by Naomi Rosenblum
Honourable Mentions to:
Critical focus : photography in the international image community by A.D. Coleman
Tarnished silver : after the photo boom : essays and lectures, 1979-1989 by A. D. Coleman
Sigmar Polke : photoworks, when pictures vanish by Sigmar Polke
Weddings, Parties, Anything by Nick Waplington
Migrations : wildlife in motion by Art Wolfe

Moving Image

Dealmaking in the film & television industry : from negotiations to final contracts by Mark Litwak
Being digital by Nicholas Negroponte
Film : an international history of the medium by Robert Sklar
Received special commendation:
Hollywood TV : the studio system in the fifties by Christopher Anderson
2001 : filming the future by Piers Bizony
Walt Disney : Hollywood's dark prince : a biography by Marc Eliot
Writing long-running television series, edited by Julian Friedmann & Pere Roca
J. Arthur Rank and the British film industry by Geoffrey Macnab
Encyclopaedia of Indian cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha & Paul Willemen
Producing and directing the short film and video by Peter W. Rea & David K. Irving (4th ed (2010) here)
David Samuelson's "hands-on" manual for cinematographers by David Samuelson (2d ed (1998) here)
Film and television collections in Europe - The MAP-TV Guide


The illustrated history of colour photography by Jack H. Coote
Walker Evans : the hungry eye by Gilles Mora and John T. Hill
Cocaine true, cocaine blue by Eugene Richards
Received special commendation:
Evidence, 1944-1994 by Richard Avedon
Picturing time : the work of Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904) by Marta Braun
Anthropology and photography, 1860-1920, edited by Elizabeth Edwards
Zeugen der zeit/Witnesses of time by Flor Garduño
The world of William Notman : the nineteenth century through a master lens by Roger Hall, Gordon Dodds, and Stanley Triggs
Tina Modotti : photographer and revolutionary by Margaret Hooks
Excursions along the Nile : the photographic discovery of ancient Egypt by Kathleen S Howe
The reconfigured eye : visual truth in the post-photographic era by William Mitchell
Applied photographic optics : lenses and optical systems for photography, film, video, and electronic imaging, 2nd edition, by Sidney F. Ray
Description of twilight knowledge by Tsutomu Toda

Moving Image

Widescreen cinema by John Belton
Hollywood's overseas campaign : the North Atlantic movie trade, 1920-1950 by Ian Jarvie
Walt in wonderland : the silent films of Walt Disney by Russell Merritt and J. B. Kaufman
Received special commendation:
Under the hammer : the inside story of the 1991 ITV franchise battle by Andrew Davidson
The world film and television market by David Hancock and André Lange
Future visions : new technologies of the screen, edited by Philip Hayward and Tana Wollen
Pre-cinema history : an encyclopaedia and annotated bibliography of the moving image before 1896 by Hermann Hecht, edited by Ann Hecht
Image control : motion picture and video camera filters and lab techniques by Gerald Hirschfeld
Million dollar movie by Michael Powell
The digital interface handbook by Francis Rumsey and John Watkinson (3d ed. (2004) here)
The writer's journey : mythic structures for screenwriters and storytellers by Christopher Vogler (3d ed. (2007) here)
Film & video financing by Michael Wiese (Michael Wiese Productions, USA)


Photography at the Bauhaus, edited for the Bauhaus-Archiv by Jeannine Fiedler
Out of the shadows : Herschel, Talbot & the invention of photography by Larry J. Schaaf
Biomedical photography by John P. Vetter


Paul Barkshire's unexplored London by Paul Barkshire

Let truth be the prejudice : W. Eugene Smith, his life and photographs by Ben Maddow
The body victorious : the illustrated story of our immune system and other defences of the human body by Lennart Nilsson, in collaboration with Jan Lindberg ; text by Kjell Lindqvist and Stig Nordfeldt ; translated into English by Clare James
Incurably romantic by Bernard F. Stehle

For more information about the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, sponsor of this award, click here.

2020  Chromatic Modernity: Color, Cinema, and Media of the 1920s by Sarah Street and Joshua Yumibe
2019  Bright signals : a history of color television by Susan Murray
2018  Queer cinema in the world by Karl Schoonover and Rosalind Galt; honorable mention: The face on film by Noa Steimatsky
2017  The conscience of cinema : the films of Joris Ivens, 1912-1989 by Thomas Waugh
2016  Broadcasting modernity : Cuban commercial television, 1950-1960 by Yeidy M. Rivero
2015  Elegy for theory by David O. Rodowick
2014  The age of new waves : art cinema and the staging of globalization by James Tweedie; mp3 : the meaning of a format by Jonathan Sterne (Award of distinction)
2013  Cinema and experience : Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno by Miriam Bratu Hansen; A social history of Iranian cinema by Hamid Naficy (honorable mention)
2012  The essay film : from Montaigne, after Marker by Timothy Corrigan
2011  The anime machine: a media theory of animation by Thomas Lamarre
2010  Constructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and the archive by Zusana M. Pick
2009  Heartland TV : prime time television and the struggle for U.S. identity by Victoria Johnson
2008  Laughing mad : the black comic persona in post-soul America by Bambi Haggins; The virtual window : from Alberti to Microsoft by Anne Friedberg (honorable mention)
2007  Convergence culture : where old and new media collide by Henry Jenkins; Migrating to the movies :  cinema and Black urban modernity by Jacqueline Stewart (honorable mention)
2006  Babes in tomorrowland : Walt Disney and the making of the American child, 1930-1960 by Nicholas Sammond; Rerun nation : how repeats invented American television by Derek Kompare (honorable mention)
2005  Lesbian rule : cultural criticism and the value of desire by Amy Villarejo; Film noir and the spaces of modernity by Edward Dimenberg (honorable mention); Policing cinema : movies and censorship in early-twentieth-century America by Lee Grieveson (honorable mention)
2004  The Imperial screen : Japanese film culture in the Fifteen years’ war, 1931-1945 by Peter B. High
2003  Wondrous difference : cinema, anthropology, & turn-of-the-century visual culture by Alison Griffiths
2002  Fire & desire : mixed-race movies in the silent era by Jane Gaines
2001  Weimar cinema and after : Germany's historical imaginary by Thomas Elsaesser; Screening culture, viewing politics : an ethnography of television, womanhood, and nation in postcolonial India by Purnima Mankekar
2000  Film/genre by Rick Altman; Home movies and other necessary fictions by Michelle Citron (honorable mention); More than night : film noir in its contexts by James Naremore (honorable mention)
1999  Freaks talk back : tabloid talk shows and sexual nonconformity by Joshua Gamson; The talkies : America's transition to sound, 1926-1931 by Donald Crafton (honorable mention); Virtualities : television, media art, and cyberculture by Margaret Morse (honorable mention); Edison Motion Pictures, 1809-1900 : an annotated filmography by Charles Musser (honorable mention)
1998  Main Street amusements : movies and commercial entertainment in a Southern city, 1896-1930 by Gregory A. Waller; The third eye : race, cinema, and ethnographic spectacle by Fatima Tobin Roby; Parallel tracks : the railroad and silent cinema by Lynne Kirby (honorable mention); Hard to imagine : gay male eroticism in photography and film from their beginnings to Stonewall by Thomas Waugh (honorable mention)
1995  Streetwalking on a ruined map : cultural theory and the city films of Elvira Notari by Guliano Bruno
1992  Narrative comprehension and film by Edward Branigan
1991  Contested culture : the image, the voice, and the law by Jane Gaines
1990  The emergence of cinema : the American screen to 1907 by Charles Musser; The transformation of cinema, 1907-1915 by Eileen Bowser; An evening's entertainment : the age of the silent feature picture, 1915-1923 by Richard Kozarski
1989  New German cinema : a history by Thomas Elsaesser