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Avoiding Plagiarism Help for Faculty: Course Syllabus Statement

Helpful resources for instructors to help students with proper attribution and avoiding plagiarism.

Course Syllabus Statement

Course Syllabus Statement Draft

Turnitin: Students enrolled in this course acknowledge and agree to the requirement of submitting course assignments to Turnitin via the course Assignments folder in D2L Brightspace. Students are responsible for adhering to the expectations within the Academic Honesty Policy (link). Students’ use of this tool during drafting and prior to assignment submission will allow students to review their effective paraphrasing, fair use of sources, and proper citations.  Faculty will use this tool in evaluation of student’s work.  


 Turnitin: Additional information in D2L/Turnitin landing page?--

*Turnitin does not report plagiarism; rather, it provides a Similarity Report. Students shall use this report to review how similar their written submission is to other students’ works, web pages, journals and periodicals, and many more sources. In their reading of the report, students will see their use of sources and citations along with areas that may need revision and improvement to prevent any allegations of plagiarism. Students should spend time making revisions and improvements of their work to ensure their submission has a high level of integrity. All submitted papers will be retained in the reference database solely for the purpose of creating similarity reports.

*Students should complete assignments early to allow ample time to review and respond to the information provided in the Turnitin similarity report.

*Students are encouraged to connect with the Writing Support Center staff with questions about how they may improve their writing before final submission by the deadline date.

*Additional resources for students include: library guide, Turnitin site, HOW to use the report