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Avoiding Plagiarism Help for Faculty: Especially for Instructors

Helpful resources for instructors to help students with proper attribution and avoiding plagiarism.

The Library Can Help!

The librarians at MSUM Livingston Lord Library can help you teach students how to avoid plagiarism and be a support for detection and education. The goal is for the students to be information literate and to realize what plagiarism is and why it is harmful.  According to the Association of College and Research Libraries' "Framework for Information Literacy," students may struggle to understand the diverse values of information in an environment where “free” information and related services are plentiful and the concept of intellectual property is first encountered through rules of citation or warnings about plagiarism and copyright law." One of the basic goals is to make sure students "give credit to the original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation."

Source: ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

Contact a librarian for a session with your students or to provide you with further resources.

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