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MSUM COVID-19 Community History Project

Options for Submitting to this Project

How Do I Submit To This Project?

Please check below to view recommendations for various file formats before submitting. 

  1. If you are submitting a text file, like a Word Document, PDF or a simple Text file, you can email these as attachments to
  2. If you are submitting an audio file, video file or files that are large and cannot be sent through email, we recommend that you use the Minnesota State MOVEit Securely file transfer system using the directions below. (If you are affiliated with MSUM). Otherwise contact for other options.
  3. For all other formats, such as physical items, or for any other questions or concerns, please ask us at

File Format Specifications

What Type of Materials Can I Send?

Digital File Formats

  • Text files:  PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT

  • Audio files: WAV, MP3

  • Moving image files:  MP4

  • Image files:  TIFF, JPG, JPEG

Physical Formats

Please contact

Other Formats

For all other formats or for any other questions or concerns, please contact

MOVEit Securely Directions

How Do I Use MOVEit Securely?


  1. As certain files can be too large to send using email, we recommend that you use the MOVEit Securely file transfer service found at to send files to us.
  2. Log into the MOVEit Securely using your StarID and StarID PasswordMOVEit Securely Sign On Screen
  3. Once you have signed in, click on Send Package
    MOVEit Securely Send Package Screen
  4. A New Package screen should open that looks like this:
  5. If you have any questions, please contact us at