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MSUM COVID-19 Community History Project

Donor Agreements

Please select the appropriate donor agreement for use in your COVID-19 Community/Oral History Project. Donor agreements are important so that the history can be shared with the public and researchers can access those materials in the future. The Community History form should be used for all non-oral history based projects. The Deed of Gift form should be used for donating physical/digital materials that pertain to COVID-19, but are not a personal history.

Project Prompts

Below are a list of questions you may consider answering or asking someone else during an oral interview. These questions are only suggestions.

  • Tell us a little about yourself to help future researchers better understand your experiences. In what ways has your daily routine changed?
  • How are you handling the recommendations to isolate and social distance yourself from others? Tell us about how you are passing the time.
  • In what ways has your work been affected?
  • How do you feel about government and media responses to the pandemic? What are the biggest challenges you have faced during this time?
  • How do you think people are treating each other during this pandemic? Do you have any personal or local examples you could share?
  • What is your plan moving forward? What are your hopes for the future?

For MSUM students:

  • What is your major and year in school?
  • Where are you living now? Did you go back home? How has this affected your education?
  • What are classes like now that they are exclusively online?
  • What student activities do you participate in (such as Student Organizations, Intramurals, University Athletics, Student Government, etc.) and how have they been impacted during this time?