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ENGL 314 - Final Project - Rowse

Research help for your final project.

Final Project

English 314

Final Project

For this project you will be working with a play and doing some library research. First, you will select a play; you may choose any play from our book as long as it is one we have not done together nor will do together later in the semester. Second, you will do research, using the resources available through the library, on the following categories:

1. Shakespeare's sources for the play's material

2. The reception history of the play across time (its original reception, its reception across the centuries, and its reception today)

3. Productions of the play across time (this might mesh with the previous question, but this one specifically focuses ont he major productions of the play from Shakespeare's time through own own. Look for productions in other countries as well as those in English or in English-speaking countries).

4. Adaptations of the play over the centuries. Look for ways this play has been adapted through the centuries. Has it been turned into books, poems, movies, etc.

Finally, you will write a conclusion secton that explains what you learned about Shakespeare, his own time, the play itself and such from doing this assignment.