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ART 234: Global Art History Survey II- Arnar


Welcome to the Art History 234M guide! This guide will help you with your research paper. The tabs to the left with help you sources for your paper and help you with evaluating and citing your sources.

Types of Sources

Types of appropriate sources for your research paper:

Monographs - Short answer: a book! Long answer: a non-fiction scholarly work, usually by one author, on one topic.

Exhibition catalogs - A book that describe an art exhibition. They often include images and detailed descriptions of the exhibited art, essays and articles about the art and artists, and bibliographies.

Catalogue raisonnés - a comprehensive, annotated list of all known work of an artist.

Collection catalogs

Essays in scholarly books - similar to monographs, an editor will compile essays/articles written by scholars into one book.

Articles from art history journals - experts in art history will submit articles to be published in art history journals. The articles are read by other experts in art history before they are approved for publication. (Peer review)