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Library Services: Faculty Study Rooms

MSUM faculty and emeriti may apply to reserve a study room.  Please remember that there are a limited number of available spaces and your application does not guarantee you a place.

Request Faculty Study Room


Faculty Study Room Policy

The library will make a number of faculty study carrels available for use by MSUM faculty and emeriti.  The administrative assistant will publicize the availability of faculty study carrels each fall. Faculty and emeriti will request carrels at the beginning of each fall semester though an online form and will be assigned based upon status of faculty member and research needs. Faculty may request carrels for a semester or the entire academic year each fall. The final decision on the assignment of the faculty study carrels will be made by the Executive Director of the Library.

Study carrels will normally be assigned for special projects and research and are not intended to serve as a primary or secondary office space. Faculty may be asked to share a study carrel or rotate out if demand warrants.

Requests will be ranked in priority order:

  • Current faculty on sabbatical
  • Current faculty with research or writing projects
  • Emeriti and retired faculty with research or writing projects
  • Assignments are made by the semester or by the summer session.  Keys for the faculty carrels will be requested by the faculty member or emeriti through the Campus Parking and key office.  Study carrels will be available during library hours.  Faculty will not be issued keys for after-hours access to the library.

    Faculty members and emeriti will be required to check out all library materials housed in their faculty carrels.  Privileges will be revoked if library materials are determined to be in a faculty carrel and not checked out to the individual.

    Approved by Library Faculty 25 January 2019.