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FYE 101

Search Dragon OneSearch for everything the library has access to - articles, books, films, ebooks, music, images, etc. Use the Refine my Results toolbar to the side of the screen to narrow your search.

Books on the 3rd and 4th floors are the ones you would most likely use for college papers. They are classified and labeled using the Library of Congress system. The code or call number on the library website record will be on the book. Match the code in brackets to the label on the side or front of the book. Books on similar topics will be grouped together.

A shelf of books showing their Library of Congress call numbers and a screenshot of a library catalog search result list showing three book records. The call number on one of the books is circled and the call number on one of the book records is circled. A line connects the two circles, indicating their relationship to each other when finding a book in the library.