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FYE 101

Write Citations

Use these example library records to complete the Citation Activity worksheet in APA format with this template:

APA template for citing an article. Author, A. A. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical [italicized], volume number(issue number), pages. DOI.

Example 1:
A library catalog record for the article "Medical nutrition therapy for pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus—A retrospective cohort study" by Shi, Mai; Liu, Zhao-Lan; Steinmann, Peter; Chen, Jie; Chen, Che; Ma, Xiao-Tao; and Han, Su-Hui in Taiwanese journal of obstetrics & gynecology, 2016, Volume 55 Issue 5, pages 666 to 671

Example 2:
A library catalog record for the article "Fears and aspirations: US military intelligence operations in the South Pacific, 1941-1945" by Bennett, Judith A. in The Journal of Pacific history, 2004, Volume 39, Issue 3, pages 283 to 307.

Example 3:

A library catalog record for the article "Coining the Pablo Picasso Syndrome" by Suri, Ritika and Ali, Ashhar, in Headache, 2020, Volume 60 Issue 3, pages 626 to 629.