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Subject Guide: Sustainability: Award-winning Books and Articles

American Society for Environmental History George Perkins Marsh Prize

The ASEH aspires to advance a greater understanding of the history of human interaction with the rest of the natural world, to foster dialogue between humanistic scholarship, environmental science, and other disciplines, and to support global environmental history efforts that benefit the public as well as the general scholarly community. Click American Society for Environmental History for more information about the the sponsor of this prize.

2023  Knowing Manchuria: Environments, the Senses, and Natural Knowledge on an Asian Borderland by Ruth Rogaski
2022  Running out : in search of water on the High Plains by Lucas Bessire
2021  Legions of pigs in the early medieval West by Jamie Kreiner
2020  Floating coast : an environmental history of the Bering Strait by Bathsheba Demuth
2019  The global interior : mineral frontiers and American power by Megan Black
2018  Landscapes of hope : nature and the great migration in Chicago by Brian McCammack
2017  The river, the plain, and the state : an environmental drama in northern Song China, 1048–1128 by Ling Zhang
2016  Power lines : Phoenix and the making of the modern southwest by Andrew Needham
2015  Taming Manhattan : environmental battles in the antebellum city by Catherine McNeur
2014  Plutopia : nuclear families, atomic cities, and the great Soviet and American plutonium disasters by Kate Brown
2013  Hybrid nature : sewage treatment and the contradictions of the industrial ecosystem by Daniel Schneider
2012  Quagmire : nation-building and nature in the Mekong Delta by David Biggs
2011  Toxic archipelago : a history of industrial disease in Japan by Brett Walker
2010  Mass destruction : the men and giant mines that wired America and scarred the planet by Timothy LeCain
2009  Killing for coal : America's deadliest labor war by Thomas Andrews
2008  Resurrecting the granary of Rome : environmental history and French colonial expansion in North Africa by Diana K. Davis
2007  Banana cultures : agriculture, consumption, and environmental change in Honduras and the United States by John Soluri
2006  Maize and grace : Africa's encounter with a New World crop, 1500-2000 by James C. McCann
2005  The Great Meadow : farmers and the land in colonial Concord by Brian Donahue
2004  The light-green society : ecology and technological modernity in France, 1960–2000 by Michael Bess
2003  The health of the country : how American settlers understood themselves and their land by Conevery Bolton Valencius
2002  Crimes against nature : squatters, poachers, thieves, and the hidden history of American conservation by Karl Jacoby; Winds of change : hurricanes and the transformation of nineteenth-century Cuba by Louis A. Pérez, Jr.
2001  The sanitary city : urban infrastructure in America from colonial times to the present by Martin Melosi
2000  Making salmon : an environmental history of the Northwest fisheries crisis by Joseph E. Taylor III
1999  Inhabited wilderness : Indians, Eskimos, and national parks in Alaska by Theodore Catton; Discovering the unknown landscape : a history of America's wetlands by Ann Vileisis
1997  The way to the West : essays on the Central Plains by Elliott West; With broadax and firebrand : the destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic forest by Warren Dean
1995  A view to a death in the morning : hunting and nature through history by Matt Cartmill; Ogallala : water for a dry land by John Opie
1993  Nature's metropolis : Chicago and the Great West by William Cronon
1991  Games against nature : an eco-cultural history of the Nunu of equatorial Africa by Robert Harms
1989  The fisherman's problem : ecology and law in the California fisheries, 1850-1980 by Arthur F. McEvoy

Association of Earth Science Editors Award for Outstanding Publication

This award recognizes a recently published earth science publication - book, map, journal, or other individual publication - that demonstrates outstanding editing, design, illustration, writing, effectiveness of production cost, and overall effectiveness in achieving its publication goal. Click Association of Earth Science Editors for more information about the sponsors of this award.

2021 PRINT: Statehouse fossils : a guide to fossils of the Ohio Capitol, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey -- Mark E. Peter, author; Madison N. Perry, graphic design/illustrator; Jeremy Gladden, graphic design/layout
2020 ELECTRONIC: Geologic field photograph map of the Grand Canyon Region, 1967–2010, U.S. Geological Survey--George Billinglsey, photography and writing; Monica Erdman, editing, writing, project management, and programming; and Jason Sherba, web application design and programming
2019  PRINT: Geoheritage : assessment, protection, and management, edited by Emmanuel Reynard; José Brilha
2018  PRINT: Volcanic Air Pollution Hazards in Hawaii, published by the U.S. Geological Survey; MAP/POSTER: Geologic Map of Alaska, published by the Alaska Science Center and the Menlo Park Publishing Service Center
2017  PRINT: A walking guide to the history & features of Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, Illinois State Geological Survey, with the Chicago Park District (booklet) (map); MAP/POSTER: Geologic map of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, United States Geological Survey—Richard F. Madole, author, scientist emeritus; Carol Quesenberry, design coordinator; D. Paco VanSistine, author, geographer; Lisa J. Binder, technical editor
2016  The encyclopedia of volcanoes, (2d ed.), edited by Haraldur Sigurdsson
2015  Four billion years and counting : Canada's geological heritage by the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences
2014  Ohio's geology in core and outcrop : a field guide for citizens and environmental and geotechnical investigators by Gregory A. Schumacher, Brian E. Mott, and Michael P. Angle; The Novarupta-Katmai eruption of 1912 largest eruption of the twentieth century : centennial perspectives by Wes Hildreth and Judy Fierstein
2013  United States-Mexican borderlands : facing tomorrow's challenges through USGS science, edited by Randall G. Updike, Eugene G. Ellis, William R. Page, Melanie J. Parker, Jay B. Hestbeck, and William F. Horak; honorable mention: Best practices for validating CO2 geological storage : observations and guidance from the IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 monitoring and storage project by Brian Hitchon; POSTER/MAP: A walking guide to the history and features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois by Cheryl K. Nimz, Michael J. Chrzastowski, Cynthia A. Briedis, Julia S. Bachrach, and C. Brian Trask (booklet) (map)
2012  Geology of Illinois, edited by Dennis R. Kolata and Cheryl K. Nimz
2011  Eruptions of Hawaiian : volcanoes past, present, and future by Robert I. Tilling, Christina Heliker, and Donald A. Swanson; MAP OR POSTER: Geological map of Lassen Volcanic National Park and vicinity, California by Michael A. Clynne and L. J. Patrick Muffler
2009  The coral reef of South Moloka'i, Hawai'i : portrait of a sediment-threatened fringing reef, edited by M. E. Field, S. A. Cochran, J. B. Logan, and C. D. Storlazzi; MAP OR POSTER: Geologic map of Mount Mazama and Crater Lake Caldera, Oregon by Charles R. Bacon; honorable mention: Geology of the Southern Appalachian Mountains by Sandra H. B. Clark
2008  Protecting your family from earthquakes — The seven steps to earthquake safety, 2007, General Information Product 41 (English and Spanish) and General Information Product 42 (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean), published in two versions by the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Team, USGS Menlo Park Publishing Service Center, Menlo Park, California; honorable mention: Maine's fossil record : the Paleozoic, 2007, by Lisa Churchill-Dickson, published by the Maine Geological Survey Department of Conservation, Augusta, Maine; MAP/POSTER: Geologic map of the Central San Juan Caldera Cluster, Southwestern Colorado, 2006 by Peter Lipman, Geological Investigations Series I-2799, published by the U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Team, USGS Menlo Park Publishing Service Center, Menlo Park, California; ELECTRONIC: Bedrock geologic map of Ohio, 2007, compiled by Ernie R. Slucher, E. M. Swinford, G. A. Schumacher, D. L. Shrake, C. L. Rice, M. R. Caudill, and R. G. Rea, with GIS production and cartography by D. M. Powers, Map BG-1 on CD-ROM, published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, Ohio.
2007  Alberta beneath our feet : the story of our rocks and fossils, edited by Brian Hitchon, published by Geoscience Publishing, Alberta, Canada; MAP OR POSTER: Geologic map of the San Francisco Bay Region by R. W. Graymer, B. C. Moring, G. J. Saucedo, C. M. Wentworth, E. E. Braab, and K. I. Knudsen, and Map of Quaternary-active faults in the San Francisco Bay Region, 2006 by R. W. Graymer, W. Bryant, C. A. McCabe, S. Hecker, and C. S. Prentice, published by the U.S. Geological Survey and the California Geological Survey, USGS Scientific Investigations Maps 2918 and 2919. Companion maps were published in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake.
2006  Putting down roots in earthquake country : your handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region, published by the U.S. Geological Survey; ELECTRONIC: Reflections in the field : commemorating the 75th anniversary of the SEG, DVD published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists; MAP OR POSTER: Geologic map of the Katmai Volcanic Cluster, Katmai National Park, Alaska by Wes Hildreth and Judy Fierstein, published by the U.S. Geological Survey.
2005  Elements : an international magazine of mineralogy, geochemistry, and petrology, published jointly by the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, the Mineralogical Association of Canada, the Geochemical Society, the Clay Minerals Society, the European Association for Geochemistry, and the Mineralogical Society of America; MAP OR POSTER: Hawaii's volcanoes revealed, by Barry W. Eakins, Joel E. Robinson, Toshiya Kanamatsu, Jiro Naka, John R. Smith, Eiichi Takahashi, and David A. Clague, published by the U.S. Geological Survey (Geologic Investigations Series I-2809); ELECTRONIC: Tectonics, geochronology, and volcanism in the Southern Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande Rift by Steven M. Cather, William C. McIntosh, and Shari A. Kelley, published by the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (Bulletin 160).
2004  Messages in stone : Colorado's colorful geology, edited by Vince Matthews, published by the Colorado Geological Survey; MAP OR POSTER: The North American tapestry of time and terrain by Kate E. Barton, David G. Howell, and Jose F. Vigil, published by the U.S. Geological Survey in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada and the Mexican Consejo Recursos de Minerales.
2003  Beyond the Golden Gate : oceanography, geology, biology, and environmental issues in the Gulf of the Farallones, edited by Herman A. Karl, published by the U.S. Geological Survey.
2002  The last billion years : a geological history of the Maritime Provinces of Canada by the Atlantic Geoscience Society
2001  Iowa : portrait of the land, Larry Stone (lead writer); A geologic guide to Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska : a tectonic collage of northbound terranes, Gary Winkler (principal author); ELECTRONIC: Geochemistry, geophysics, geosystems (G-Cubed) (journal), published by AGU and the Geochemical Society.
2000  Fossils of Ohio, edited by Rodney M. Feldmann and Merrianne Hackathorn
1998  Geology of Svalbard by W. B. Harland
1997  Geological map of Canada, CD-ROM, by Jo Wheeler, P. F. Hoffman, K. D. Card, A. Davidson, B. V. Sanford, A. V. Okulitch, and W. R. Roest; Mountains and canyons : a photographic description of the Rocky Mountain region by L. I. Goldman, M. W. Longman, and J. Rathbone
1996  Minnesota's natural heritage : an ecological perspective by John R. Tester
1995  Glaciers by Michael Hambrey and Jörg Alean (2d ed. (2004) here)
1994  Earth shock : hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other forces of nature by Andrew Robinson
1993  Climate, our future? by Ulrich Schotterer and Peter Andermatt

Forest History Society Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Book Award

This award rewards superior scholarship in forest and conservation history. Click Forest History Society for more information about the sponsors of this award.

2022  The American chestnut : an environmental history by Donald Edward Davis; and Timber and forestry in Qing China : sustaining the market by Meng Zhang
2021  Seeds of control : Japan's empire of forestry in colonial Korea by David Fedman
2020  Nomad's land : pastoralism and French environmental policy in the nineteenth-century Mediterranean world by Andrea E. Duffy; The conservation Constitution : the conservation movement and constitutional change, 1870-1930 by Kimberly K. Smith
2019  Rubber and the making of Vietnam : an ecological history, 1897-1975 by Michitake Aso
2018  Big Sur : the making of a prized California landscape by Shelley Alden Brooks
2017  American Indians and national forests by Theodore R. Catton
2016  Political landscapes : forests, conservation, and community in Mexico by Christopher Boyer
2015  La Frontera : forests and ecological conflict in Chile's frontier territory by Thomas Miller Klubock
2014  Trees in paradise : a California history by Jared Farmer
2012  The promise of wilderness : American environmental politics since 1964 by James Morton Turner
2011  Revolutionary parks : conservation, social justice, and Mexico's national parks, 1910-1940 by Emily Wakild
2010  Managing the mountains : land use planning, the New Deal, and the creation of a federal landscape in Appalachia by Sara M. Gregg
2009  A forest on the sea : environmental expertise in Renaissance Venice by Karl Appuhn
2008  Nature's new deal : the Civilian Conservation Corps and the roots of the American environmental movement by Neil Maher
2007  Hunters at the margin : Native people and wildlife conservation in the Northwest Territories by John Sandlos
2006  The conquest of nature : water, landscape, and the making of modern Germany by David Blackbourn
2005  Wilderness forever : Howard Zahniser and the path to the Wilderness Act by Mark Harvey
2004  Tapping the pines : the naval stores industry in the American South by Robert B. Outland, III
2003  Deforesting the earth : from prehistory to global crisis by Michael Williams (abridged ed. here)
2001-2002  Gifford Pinchot and the making of modern environmentalism by Char Miller
1999-2000  Irrigated Eden : the making of an agricultural landscape in the American West by Mark Fiege; Something new under the sun : an environmental history of the twentieth-century world by John McNeill
1997-1998  Clearcutting the Pacific rain forest : production, science, and regulation by Richard A. Rajala
1995-1996  Forest dreams, forest nightmares : the paradox of old growth in the Inland West by Nancy Langston
1993-1994  From coastal wilderness to fruited plain : a history of environmental change in temperate North America, 1500 to the present by Gordon G. Whitney
1991-1992  Nature's metropolis : Chicago and the Great West by William Cronon; To reclaim a divided West : water, law, and public policy, 1848-1902 by Donald J. Pisani
1989-1990  Americans and their forests : a historical geography by Michael Williams
1987-1988  Aldo Leopold : his life and work by Curt Meine
1985-1986  Henry Thoreau : a life of the mind by Robert D. Richardson, jr.
1983-1984  The fight to save the redwoods : a history of environmental reform, 1917-1978 by Susan R. Schrepfer
1981-1982  Fire in America : a cultural history of wildland and rural fire by Stephen J. Pyne
1979-1980  Land use, environment, and social change : the shaping of Island County, Washington by Richard White
1977-1978  Saving Quetico-Superior : a land set apart by R. Newell Searle
1975-1976  Downriver : Orrin H. Ingram and the Empire Lumber Company by Charles E. Twining

National Outdoor Book Awards

The National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA) is the outdoor world's largest and most prestigious book award program. It is a non-profit, educational program, sponsored by the National Outdoor Book Awards Foundation, Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, and Idaho State University. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and encourage outstanding writing and publishing. Note that a Silver Medal is not awarded in every category. It is only awarded when the winner and second place book are very closely scored. Click National Outdoor Book Awards for more information about them.

Journeys: Halcyon journey :  in search of the belted kingfisher by Marina Richie
Outdoor Literature (fiction): Breathless :  a thriller by Amy McCulloch
Outdoor Literature (non-fiction): Was it worth it? : a wilderness warrior's long trail home by Doug Peacock; Headwaters : the adventures, obsession, and evolution of a fly fisherman  by Dylan Tomine
History/Biography: A life lived wild : adventures at the edge of the map by Rick Ridgeway; Written in the snows : across time on skis in the Pacific Northwest by Lowell Skoog
Natural history literature: A thousand trails home : living with caribou by Seth Kantner; The treeline : the last forest and the future of life on earth by Ben Rawlence (silver medalist)
Nature and the environment: Seeing the silence : the beauty of the world's most quiet places, photography and text by Pete McBride; The skies above : storm clouds, blood moons, and other everyday phenomena  by Dennis Mersereau
Design & Artistic Merit: Our national monuments : America's hidden gems by QT Luong; Drawn to birds : a naturalist's sketchbook by Jenny deFouw Geuder; Inside the High Sierra by Claude Fiddler (silver medalist)
Children's Category: Alaska is for the birds! : fourteen favorite feathered friends, poems by Susan Ewing ; illustrations by Evon Zerbetz
Classic: Camp 4 : recollections of a Yosemite rockclimber by Steve Roper
Nature Guides: Common bees of eastern North America by Olivia Messinger Carril and Joseph S. Wilson; Beetles of western North America by Arthur V. Evans (silver medalist)
Outdoor adventure guides: Rocky Mountain National Park : the complete guide by James Kaiser (guidebook); How to suffer outside : a beginner's guide to hiking and backpacking by Diana Helmuth ; illustrations by Latasha Dunston (instructional)

Journeys: This land of snow :  a journey across the North in winter by Anders Morley; America's national historic trails :  walking the trails of history by Karen Berger (Silver Medalist)
Nature & the Environment: Orca : shared waters, shared home by Lynda V. Mapes
Natural History Literature: Finding the mother tree : discovering the wisdom of the forest by Suzanne Simard; Super fly : the unexpected lives of the world's most successful insects by Jonathan Balcombe; Vesper flights : new and collected essays by Helen Macdonald (Silver Medalist)
Outdoor Literature: Lookout : love, solitude, and searching for wildfire in the boreal forest by Trina Moyles; The unreasonable virtue of fly fishing by Mark Kurlansky; Bicycling with butterflies : my 10,201-mile journey following the monarch migration by Sara Dykman
History/Biography: Shook : an earthquake, a legendary mountain guide, and Everest's deadliest day by Jennifer Hull
Design & Artistic Merit: Bison : portrait of an icon, photography by Audrey Hall; essay by Chase Reynolds Ewald
Children's Category: Something wonderful by Matt Ritter ; illustrations by Nayl Gonzalez
Classic: Sierra South by Elizabeth Wenk and Mike White ; Sierra North by Elizabeth Wenk and Mike White
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: The packraft handbook :  an instructional guide for the curious by Luc Mehl ; illustrations by Sarah K. Glaser
Nature Guidebooks: A field guide to the Mid-Atlantic coast : including the Jersey shore, Cape May, Delaware Bay, the Delmarva Peninsula, & the Outer Banks by Patrick J. Lynch

Nature & the Environment: Secrets of snakes : the science beyond the myths by David A. Steen; America's great mountain trails :  100 highcountry hikes of a lifetime by Tim Palmer
Natural History Literature: The book of eels : our enduring fascination with the most mysterious creature in the natural world by Patrik Svensson
Outdoor Literature: Dragons in the snow : avalanche detectives and the race to beat death in the mountains by Edward Power
Outdoor Classic: The only kayak : a journey into the heart of Alaska by Kim Heacox
History/Biography: The world beneath their feet : mountaineering madness and the deadly race to summit the Himalayas by Scott Ellsworth; Labyrinth of ice : the triumphant and tragic Greely polar expedition by Buddy Levy
Design & Artistic Merit: Beauty and the beast : California wildflowers and climate change by Rob Badger and Nita Winter
Children's Category: Nature play workshop for families : a guide to 40+ outdoor learning experiences in all seasons by Monica Wiedel-Lubinski and Karen Madigan
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Fly fishing Austin and central Texas by Aaron Reed; Hiking Lassen Volcanic National Park : a guide to the park's greatest hiking adventures by Tracy Salcedo
Instructional Category: Peak nutrition : smart fuel for outdoor adventure by Maria Hines and Mercedes Pollmeier; Crack climbing : the definitive guide by Pete Whittaker ; illustrations by Alex Poyzer (honorable mention)
Nature Guidebooks: Foraging Southern California : 118 nutritious, Tasty and Abundant Foods.  By Douglas Kent

Nature & the Environment: River of redemption :  almanac of life on the Anacostia by Krista Schlyer
Natural History Literature: Underland : a deep time journey by Robert Macfarlane; The secret wisdom of nature : trees, animals, and the extraordinary balance of all living things by Peter Wohlleben (honorable mention); This land :  how cowboys, capitalism, and corruption are ruining the American West by Christopher Ketcham (honorable mention)
Outdoor Literature: The Pacific alone :  the untold story of kayaking's boldest voyage by Dave Shively; Inner ranges : an anthology of mountain thoughts by Geoff Powter; The salt path : a memoir by Raynor Winn (honorable mention)
Outdoor Classic: Mammal tracks and sign : a guide to North American species by Mark Elbroch and Casey McFarland
History/Biography: Grinnell : America's environmental pioneer and his restless drive to save the West by John Taliaferro; Drawn to the deep : the remarkable underwater explorations of Wes Skiles by Julie Hauserman
Design & Artistic Merit: The Grand Canyon : between river and rim, photographs and text by Pete McBride ; design by Susi Oberhelman.
Children's Category: 101 outdoor adventures to have before you grow up by Stacy and Jack Tornio; Wildheart : the daring adventures of John Muir by Julie Bertagna ; illustrated by William Goldsmith; The lost forest by Phyllis Root ; illustrations by Betsy Bowen (honorable mention)
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Sierra summits : a guide to fifty peak experiences in California's Range of Light by Matt Johanson; 150 nature hot spots in California :  the best parks, conservation areas and wild places by Ann Marie Brown (honorable mention)
Instructional Category: Training for the uphill athlete : a manual for mountain runners and ski mountaineers by Steve House, Scott Johnston and Kilian Jornet
Nature Guidebooks: Field guide to the flower flies of northeastern North America by Jeffrey H. Skevington and Michelle M. Locke; Wildflowers of the Atlantic Southeast by Laura Cotterman, Damon Waitt and Alan Weakley

Nature & the Environment: The snake and the salamander : reptiles and amphibians from Maine to Virginia by Alvin R. Breisch ; illustrated by Matt Patterson
Natural History Literature: A naturalist at large : the best essays of Bernd Heinrich by Bernd Heinrich; Rising : dispatches from the new American shore by Elizabeth Rush
Outdoor Literature: Pure land : a true story of three lives, three cultures, and the search for heaven on earth by Annette McGivney
Classic Award: NOLS Cookery, edited by Claudia Pearson ; illustrated by Mike Clelland
History/Biography: To the edges of the Earth : 1909, the race for the three poles, and the climax of the age of exploration by  Edward J. Larson; Elevations : a personal exploration of the Arkansas River by Max McCoy
Design & Artistic Merit: Sage grouse : icon of the West ; photographed by Noppadol Paothong; text by Kathy Love
Children's Category: Oregon & Washington 50 hikes with kids by Wendy Gorton; honorable mention: Belle's journey : an osprey takes flight by Rob Bierregaard ; illustrated by Kate Garchinsky; honorable mention: The kid's guide to birds of Minnesota by Stan Tekiela ; illustrated by Elleyna Ruud
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Discovering the John Muir Trail : an inspirational guide to America's most beautiful hike by Damon Corso
Instructional Category: The ultimate guide to whitewater rafting and river camping by Molly Absolon
Nature Guidebooks: Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest by Robert Michael Pyle and Caitlin C. LaBar

Nature & the Environment: Monarchs and milkweed : a migrating butterfly, a poisonous plant, and their remarkable story of coevolution by Anurag Agrawal; honorable mention: The Pipestone wolves : the rise and fall of a wolf family by Günther Bloch; photography by John E. Marriott
Natural History Literature: Tides : the science and spirit of the ocean by Jonathan White
Outdoor Literature: Co-winner: A fly rod of your own by John Gierach; co-winner: On trails : an exploration by Robert Moor
Classic Award: Kingbird Highway : the biggest year in the life of an extreme birder by Kenn Kaufman
History/Biography: Art of freedom : the life and climbs of Voytek Kurtyka by Bernadette McDonald
Design & Artistic Merit: Wild encounters : iconic photographs of the world's vanishing animals and cultures ; photography and commentary by David Yarrow
Children's Category: Pup the sea otter by Jonathan London; illustrated by Sean London; honorable mention: Treecology : 30 activities and observations for exploring the world of trees and forests by Monica Russo; photographs by Kevin Byron
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Outdoor adventures, Acadia National Park : your guide to the best hiking, biking and paddling by Jerry and Marcy Monkman
Instructional Category: Co-winner: Backpacker long trails : mastering the art of the thru-hike by Liz Thomas; co-winner: Big walls, swift waters : epic stories from Yosemite Search and Rescue by Charles R. "Butch" Farabee
Nature Guidebooks: Co-winner: The Scout's guide to wild edibles by Mike Krebill; co-winner: Butterflies of Pennsylvania : a field guide by James L. Monroe and David M. Wright

Nature & the Environment: Victory gardens for bees : a DIY guide to saving the bees by Lori Weidenhammer
Natural History Literature: A sea of glass : searching for the Blaschkas' fragile legacy in an ocean at risk by Drew Harvell
Outdoor Literature: Fast into the night : a woman, her dogs, and their journey North on the Iditarod Trail by Debbie Clarke Moderow; honorable mention: Portage : a family, a canoe and the search for the good life by Sue Leaf (ebook)
Classic Award: Over the edge : death in Grand Canyon by Michael P. Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers
History/Biography: The ghosts of K2 : the epic saga of the first ascent by Mick Conefrey; honorable mention: Continental divide : a history of American mountaineering by Maurice Isserman; honorable mention: Valley walls : a memoir of climbing and living in Yosemite by Glen Denny
Design & Artistic Merit: The living bird : 100 years of listening to nature ; photography by Gerrit Vyn ; design by Jane Jeszeck;  essays by Scott Weidensaul, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, John W. Fitzpatrick, and Jared Diamond; Yosemite in the fifties : the iron age ; design by Tom Adler and Evan Backes ; photo Editing by Dean Fidelman ; edited by John Long; honorable mention: Todd and Brad Reed's Michigan : Wednesdays in the mitten ; photography by Todd & Brad Reed ; design by Todd & Brad Reed, Sarah Genson and Rachel Gaudette ; cover by Misty Reed
Children's Category: Chasing at the surface : a novel by Sharon Mentyka; honorable mention: Wake up, island by Mary Casanova ; woodcuts by Nick Wroblewski
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Hiking Acadia National Park : a guide to the park's greatest hiking adventures by Dolores Kong and Dan Ring
Instructional Category: Honorable mention: Winter in the wilderness : a field guide to primitive survival skills by Dave Hall with Jon Ulrich
Nature Guidebooks: Mushrooms of the Northeast : a simple guide to common mushrooms by Teresa Marrone and Walt Sturgeon; honorable mention: Pacific seaweeds : a guide to the common seaweeds of the West Coast by Louis D. Druehl and Bridgette E. Clarkston

Nature & the Environment: The house of owls by Tony Angell; honorable mention: The bee : a natural history by Noah Wilson-Rich; The passenger pigeon by Errol Fuller
Natural History Literature: The human age : the world shaped by us by Diane Ackerman; honorable mention: H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald
Outdoor Literature: Jimmy Bluefeather : a novel by Kim Heacox (fiction); Paddlenorth : adventure, resilience, and renewal in the Arctic wild by Jennifer Kingsley and The tower : a chronicle of climbing and controversy on Cerro Torre by Kelly Cordes (non-fiction)
Classic Award: Wahb : the biography of a grizzly by Ernest Thompson Seton, edited by Jeremy M. Johnston and Charles R. Preston
History/Biography: Finding Abbey : the search for Edward Abbey and his hidden desert grave by Sean Prentiss
Design & Artistic Merit: The last great wild places : forty years of wildlife photography by Thomas D. Mangelsen ; text by Todd Wilkinson
Children's Category: This strange wilderness : the life and art of John James Audubon by Nancy Plain
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Field guide to Oregon rivers by Tim Palmer; honorable mention: Muir Valley pocket guide by Rick Weber
Instructional Category: NOLS river rescue guide by Nate Ostis
Nature Guidebooks: Guide to marine mammals and turtles of the U.S. Pacific by Kate Wynne; illustrated by Garth Mix; honorable mention: Beetles of eastern North America by Arthur V. Evans

Nature & the Environment: Life on the rocks : a portrait of the American mountain goat, written and photographed by Bruce L. Smith
Natural History Literature: The small heart of things : being at home in a beckoning world by Julian Hoffman
Outdoor Literature: Small feet, big land : adventure, home and family on the edge of Alaska by Erin McKittrick
Classic Award: Not without peril : 150 years of misadventure on the Presidential Range of New Hampshire by Nicholas Howe
History/Biography: Grandma Gatewood's walk : the inspiring story of the woman who saved the Appalachian Trail by Ben Montgomery
Design & Artistic Merit: Salt : coastal and flats fishing ; photography by Andy Anderson ; essays by Tom Rosenbauer
Children's Category: Good morning loon by Elizabeth S. Varnai, illustrated by Kate Hartley
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Chattahoochee River user's guide by Joe Cook
Instructional Category: Training for the new alpinism : a manual for the climber as athlete by Steve House and Scott Johnston; honorable mention: Simple fly fishing : techniques for tenkara and rod & reel by Yvon Chouinard, Craig Mathews and Mauro Mazzo ; paintings by James Prosek
Nature Guidebooks: The warbler guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle
Work of significance: Fieldbook : Scouting's manual of basic and advanced skills for outdoor adventure by Robert Birkby

Nature & the Environment: Continental divide : wildlife, people and the border wall by Krista Schlyer; honorable mention: The California wildlife habitat garden : how to attract bees, butterflies, birds and other animals by Nancy Bauer
Natural History Literature: Telling our way to the sea : a voyage of discovery in the Sea of Cortez by Aaron Hirsh; honorable mention: The incidental steward : reflections on citizen science by Akiko Busch; honorable mention: Wolves in the land of salmon by David Moskowitz
Outdoor Literature: I promise not to suffer : a fool for love hikes the Pacific Crest Trail by Gail D. Storey; honorable mention: Closer to the ground : an outdoor family's year on the water, in the woods and at the table by Dylan Tomine
Classic Award: Everest : the west ridge by Thomas F. Hornbein.
History/Biography: The Emerald Mile : the epic story of the fastest ride in history through the heart of the Grand Canyon by Kevin Fedarko
Design & Artistic Merit: The Appalachian Trail : celebrating America's hiking trail by Brian B. King; A world in one cubic foot : portraits in biodiversity by David Liittschwager
Children's Category: Travels with Gannon and Wyatt : Botswana by Patti Wheeler and Keith Hemstreet; honorable mention: The kid's outdoor adventure book : 448 great things to do in nature before you grow up by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer; illustrations by Rachel Riordan
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Your guide to the national parks by Michael Joseph Oswald
Instructional Category: Snow travel : skills for climbing, hiking, and moving across snow by Mike Zawaski
Nature Guidebooks: Butterflies of Indiana : a field guide by Jefffrey E. Belth; honorable mention: The Crossley ID guide : raptors by Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori and Brian Sullivan; The field guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks by Kurt F. Johnson

Outdoor Literature: Almost somewhere : twenty-eight days on the John Muir Trail by Suzanne Roberts; The ledge : an adventure story of friendship and survival on Mount Rainier by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan; honorable mention: Before they're gone : a family's year-long quest to explore America's most endangered national parks by Michael Lanza
Natural History Literature: The forest unseen : a year's watch in nature by David George Haskell
History/Biography: Buried in the sky : the extraordinary story of the Sherpa climbers on K2’s deadliest day by Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan; Anything worth doing : a true story of adventure, friendship and tragedy on the last of the West's great rivers by Jo Deurbrouck
Design and Artistic Merit: Beneath cold seas : the underwater wilderness of the Pacific Northwest by David Hall
Children's Category: For the birds : the life of Roger Tory Peterson by Peggy Thomas ; illustrated by Laura Jacques
Nature and the Environment: The melting edge : Alaska at the frontier of climate change by Michael Collier; honorable mention: Spring wildflowers of the Northeast : a natural history by Carol Gracie; honorable mention: Polar bears : a complete guide to their biology and behavior by Andrew E. Derocher; photographs by Wayne Lynch
Instructional Category: AMC guide to outdoor digital photography : creating great nature and adventure photos by Jerry Monkman; Backpacker Magazine's complete guide to outdoor gear maintenance and repair : step by step techniques to maximize performance and save money by Kristin Hostetter
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Grand canyoneering : exploring the rugged gorges and secret slots of the Grand Canyon by Todd Martin
Nature Guidebook Category: A field guide to the southeast coast & Gulf of Mexico by Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch

Classic Category: The works of John Muir (including titles such as My First Summer in the Sierra, Stikeen, Steep Trails and others); My first summer in the Sierra : 100th anniversary illustrated edition of the American classic by John Muir; photographs by Scot Miller (another edition, without photographs, here)
Natural History Literature: Salvaging the real Florida : lost and found in the state of dreams by Bill Belleville
Outdoor Literature: Fire season : field notes from a wilderness lookout by Philip Connors
Nature and the Environment: Seeing trees : discover the extraordinary secrets of everyday trees by Nancy Ross Hugo; photography by Robert Llewellyn
Design & Artistic Merit: Raptors of the West captured in photographs by Kate Davis, Rob Palmer and Nick Dunlop
Children's Category: The secret lives of backyard bugs by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards; To market, to market by Nikki McClure
History/Biography: Take a seat : one man, one tandem and twenty thousand miles of possibilities by Dominic Gill; honorable mention: An empire of ice : Scott, Shackleton, and the heroic age of Antarctic science by Edward J. Larson
Nature Guidebook Category: Naturally curious : a photographic field guide through the fields, woods and marshes of New England by Mary Holland
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: The Rio Grande : a river guide to the geology and landscapes of northern New Mexico by Paul W. Bauer
Instructional Category: The cycling bible : the complete guide for all cyclists from novice to expert by Robin Barton

Nature and the Environment Category: Adventures among ants : a global safari with a cast of trillions by Mark W. Moffett
Natural History Literature: An entirely synthetic fish : how rainbow trout beguiled America and overran the world by Anders Halverson; The sound of a wild snail eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey
Outdoor Literature: Kook : what surfing taught me about love, life and catching the perfect wave by Peter Heller; honorable mention: Just passin' thru : a vintage store, the Appalachian trail, and a cast of unforgettable characters by Winton Porter
History/Biography Category: Pilgrims of the vertical : Yosemite rock climbers and nature at risk by Joseph E. Taylor III; honorable mention: The last man on the mountain : the death of an American adventurer on K2 by Jennifer Jordan; honorable mention: Arctic labyrinth : the quest for the Northwest Passage by Glyn Williams
Classic Category: Annapurna : first conquest of an 8,000-meter peak by Maurice Herzog
Children's Category: Camping with the President by Ginger Wadsworth; illustrated by Karen Dugan; Captain Mac : the life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, Arctic explorer by Mary Morton Cowan; An egret's day: poems by Jane Yolen ; photographs by Jason Stemple
Design and Artistic Merit: Freshwater fish of the Northeast ; illustrated by Matt Patterson ; text by David A. Patterson
Nature Guidebook Category: Tracks and sign of insects and other invertebrates : a guide to North American species by Charley Eiseman and Noah Charney; honorable mention: Night sky : a field guide to the  constellations by Jonathan Poppele; honorable mention: Molt in North American birds by Steven N. G. Howell
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Exploring Havasupai : a guide to the heart of the Grand Canyon by Greg Witt
Instructional Category: Sport climbing : from top rope to redpoint : techniques for climbing success by Andrew Bisharat

History/Biography Category: The wilderness warrior : Theodore Roosevelt and the crusade for America by Douglas Brinkley
Outdoor Literature Category: Halfway to heaven : my white-knuckled and knuckle-headed quest for the Rocky Mountain high by Mark Obmascik; honorable mention: Rowboat in a hurricane : my amazing journey across a changing ocean by Julie Angus
Design & Artistic Merit Category: Lars Jonsson's birds : paintings from a near horizon by Lars Jonsson
Classic Category: Kayak : the new frontier by William Nealy; honorable mention: Appalachian odyssey : walking the trail from Georgia to Maine by Steve Sherman and Julia Older
Children's Category: Whistling wings by Laura Goering ; illustrated by Laura Jacques; honorable mention: Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French
Nature and Environment Category: Our living Earth : a story of people, ecology, and preservation ; photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand ; text by Isabelle Delannoy ; illustrations by David Giraudon; honorable mention: Sand : the never-ending story by Michael Welland
Natural History Literature: Every living thing : man's obsessive quest to catalog life, from Nanobacteria to new monkeys by Rob Dunn
Nature Guidebook Category: Peterson field guide to birds of North America by Roger Tory Peterson; honorable mention: Dragonflies and damselflies of the West by Dennis Paulson
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Guide to the Green and Yampa Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument by Duwain Whitis and Barbara Vinson; honorable mention: The guide to Baja Sea kayaking by Dave Eckardt
Instructional Category: Girl on the rocks : a woman's guide to climbing with strength, grace and courage by Katie Brown; photography by Ben Moon

Natural History Literature Category: American chestnut : the life, death, and rebirth of a perfect tree by Susan Freinkel
Outdoor Literature Category: Forget me not : a memoir by Jennifer Lowe-Anker
History/Biography Category: Grand obsession : Harvey Butchart and the exploration of the Grand Canyon by Elias Butler and Tom Myers; Fallen giants : a history of Himalayan mountaineering from the age of empire to the age of extremes by Maurice Isserman and Stewart Weaver
Classic Category: Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico by Ellsworth L. Kolb; The Pacific Crest Trail series in three volumes: Southern California, Northern California, and Oregon & Washington. Authors include Thomas Winnett, Ben Schifrin, Jeffrey Schaffer, Ruby Johnson Jenkins, and Andy Selters
Children's Category: The pole by Eric Walters
Nature and Environment Category: The last polar bear : facing the truth of a warming world, photographs by Steven Kazlowski; The Great Lakes : the natural history of a changing region by Wayne Grady
Design & Artistic Merit Category: Surfboards by Guy Motil; Bruce Aiken's Grand Canyon : an intimate affair, paintings by Bruce Aiken, text by Susan Hallsten McGarry; honorable mention: Soul of the heights : 50 years going to the mountains, photographs and text by Ed Cooper
Nature Guidebook Category: Birds of Peru by Tomas S. Schulenberg, Douglas F. Stotz, Daniel F. Lane, John P. O'Neill, and Theodore A. Parker III (revised ed. (2010) here)
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Florida Keys paddling atlas by Bill and Mary Burnham
Instructional Category: Road bike maintenance by Guy Andrews; honorable mention: Whitewater kayaking : the ultimate guide by Ken Whiting and Kevin Varette

Outdoor Literature Category: Backcast : fatherhood, fly-fishing, and a river journey through the heart of Alaska by Lou Ureneck; Blue horizons : dispatches from distant seas by Beth A. Leonard
History/Biography Category: The very hard way : Bert Loper and the Colorado River by Brad Dimock; Forever on the mountain : the truth behind one of mountaineering's most controversial and mysterious disasters by James M. Tabor
Natural History Category: Sky time in Gray's River : living for keeps in a forgotten place by Robert Michael Pyle; honorable mention: Last stand : George Bird Grinnell, the battle to save the buffalo, and the birth of the new West by Michael Punke
Nature and Environment Category: Condors in Canyon Country : the return of the California Condor to the Grand Canyon region by  Sophie A. H. Osborn; White paradise : journeys to the North Pole by Francis Latreille
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Yosemite in the Sixties, photographs by Glen Denny ; essays by Kevin Starr, Steve Roper and Glen Denny; Arctic wings : birds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, edited by Stephen Brown
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon by Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis

History/Biography Category: The last season by Eric Blehm
Outdoor Literature Category: Being caribou : five months on foot with an Arctic herd by Karsten Heuer
Natural History Literature: Condor : to the brink and back--the life and times of one giant bird by John Nielsen
Nature and the Environment Category: Life in the underground by David Attenborough; Illustrated atlas of the Himalaya by David Zurick and Julsun Pacheco; honorable mention: Carving Grand Canyon : evidence, theories, and mystery by Wayne Ranney
Design and Artistic Merit Category: 100 caterpillars : portraits from the tropical forests of Costa Rica by Jeffrey C. Miller, Daniel H. Janzen and Winifred Hallwachs; Wings of Spring : courtship, nesting and fledging ; photographs by Tom Vezo ; text by Chuck Hagner
Children's Category: Kelly of Hazel Ridge, text by Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuysen ; illustrations by Gijsbert van Frankenhuysen; Gaia girls : enter the Earth by Lee Welles ; illustrated by Ann Hameister
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: The Middle Fork of the Salmon River : a comprehensive guide by Matt Leidecker
Classic Category: honorable mention: Sleeping Island : a journey to the edge of the Barrens by P. G. Downes
Instructional Category: Extreme kids : how to connect with your children through today's extreme (and not so extreme) outdoor sports by Scott Graham
Nature Guidebooks: Yellowstone expedition guide : the modern way to explore America's oldest national park by Charissa Reid; Caterpillars of eastern North America : a guide to identification and natural history by David L. Wagner

History/Biography Category: Journey of a hope merchant : from apartheid to the elite world of solo yacht racing by Neal Petersen with William P. Baldwin and Patty Fulcher; honorable mention: Breaking trail : a climbing life by Arlene Blum
Outdoor Literature: Savage summit : the true stories of the five women who climbed K2, the world's most feared mountain by Jennifer Jordan; honorable mention: At the mercy of the river : an exploration of the last African wilderness by Peter Stark
Natural History Literature: Out of Eden : an odyssey of ecological invasion by Alan Burdick
Nature and the Environment: Sea turtles : a complete guide to their biology, behavior, and conservation by James R. Spotila
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Mountain ranges of Colorado ; photographed and written by John Fielder ; designed by Mark Mulvany
Children's Books: The little green island with a little red house : a book of colors and critters by Sharon Lovejoy; honorable mention: Leaf man by Lois Ehlert
Instructional Category: Basic kayaking : all the skills and gear you need to get started by Wayne Dickert and Jon Rounds ; photographs by Skip Brown ; illustrations by Roberto Sabas; Glacier mountaineering : the illustrated guide to glacier travel and crevasse rescue by Andy Tyson ; illustrated by Mike Clelland
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Top trails : Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks : must-do hikes for everyone by Andrew Dean Nystrom; honorable mention: Idaho's Salmon River : a river runner's guide to the River of No Return by Eric J. Newell and Allison J. Newell; honorable mention: Red Rock Canyon : a climbing guide by Roxanna Brook and Jared McMillen
Nature Guidebook Category: Snakes of the Southeast by Whit Gibbons and Mike Dorcas; honorable mention: Nature's strongholds : the world's great wildlife reserves by Laura and William Riley
Classic Category: Life-time Achievement Recognition: Farley Mowat for Sea of Slaughter, Never Cry Wolf and other works.

Nature and the Environment Category: The snowflake : winter's secret beauty by Kenneth Libbrecht ; photography by Patricia Rasmussen
Outdoor Literature: Out there : in the wild in a wired age by Ted Kerasote; Where the mountain casts its shadow : the dark side of extreme adventure by Maria Coffey; honorable mention: A blistered kind of love : one couple's trial by trail by Angela and Duffy Ballard
History/Biography Category: Ways to the sky : a historical guide to North American mountaineering by Andy Selters
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Edge of the earth, corner of the sky ; photography by Art Wolfe ; essays by Art Davidson; The mountains know Arizona : images of the land and stories of its people ; photographs by Michael Collier ; text by Rose Houk ; designed by Mary Winkelmann Velgos
Classic Category: Walden : a fully annotated edition by Henry David Thoreau ; edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer
Children's Category: Whose garden is it? By Mary Ann Hoberman. Illustrated by Jane Dyer
Nature Guidebook Category: Dragonflies of the north woods by Kurt Mead
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: 100 classic hikes in Oregon by Douglas Lorain
Instructional Category: Rock climbing : mastering basic skills by Craig Luebben

Outdoor Literature: The beckoning silence by Joe Simpson
Design and Artistic Merit: First light : Acadia National Park and Maine's Mount Desert Island ; photography by Tom Blagden, Jr. ; text by Charles R. Tyson, Jr.
Nature and the Environment: Ice Island : expedition to Antarctica's largest iceberg by Gregory S. Stone
History/Biography: Southern exposure : a solo sea kayaking journey around New Zealand's South Island by Chris Duff; honorable mention: Women on high : pioneers of mountaineering by Rebecca A. Brown
Outdoor Classic: Alone : the classic polar adventure by Richard E. Byrd (original edition here)
Children's Books: Dot & Jabber and the big bug mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh; Jam & jelly by Holly & Nellie by Gloria Whelan
Nature Guidebooks: Mammal tracks & sign : a guide to North American species by Mark Elbroch; honorable mention: The rockfishes of the northeast Pacific by Milton S. Love, Mary Yoklavich, and Lyman Thorsteinson
How-to/Instructional Category: Basic canoeing : all the skills and tools you need to get started, edited by Jon Rounds ; Wayne Dickert, paddling consultant ; photographs by Skip Brown ; llustrations by Taina Litwak
Outdoor Adventure Guidebooks: 100 hikes in Yosemite National Park by Marc J. Soares; honorable mention: 100 hikes in the inland Northwest : Eastern Washington, Northern Rockies, Wallowas by Rich Landers and the Spokane Mountaineers; honorable mention: Trekking Washington by Mike Woodmansee; Work of Significance: AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th : hiking trails in the White Mountain National Forest ; compiled and edited by Gene Daniell and Steven D. Smith

Outdoor Literature Category: Rowing to latitude : journeys along the Arctic's edge by Jill Fredston
History/Biography Category: Gifford Pinchot and the making of modern environmentalism by Char Miller; honorable mention: Arctic crossing : a journey through the Northwest Passage and Inuit culture by Jonathan Waterman
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Wilder Mississippi ; photographs by Stephen Kirkpatrick ; text by Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick ; design by Heidi Flynn Allen; honorable mention: The Southwest's contrary land : forever changing between Four Corners and the Sea of Cortes by Craig Childs ; designed by Mary Winkelman Velgos ; photography editor: Peter Ensenberger
Nature and the Environment Category: Down to earth : nature's role in American history by Ted Steinberg; honorable mention: Listening to whales : what the orcas have taught us by Alexandra Morton; honorable mention: The Southwest inside out : an illustrated guide to the land and its history ; text by Thomas Wiewandt and Maureen Wilks ; photography by Thomas Wiewandt ; design by Carol Haralson
Children's Category: Wild wings : poems for young people by Jane Yolen ; photographs by Jason Stemple; honorable mention: Ladybugs : red, fiery, and bright by Mia Posada
Nature Guidebook Category: Lichens of North America by Irwin M. Brodo, Sylvia Duran Sharnoff and Stephen Sharnoff; honorable mention: Bird tracks & sign : a guide to North American species by Mark Elbroch and Eleanor Marks
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Hiking the Sierra Nevada by John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil; honorable mention: Alaska : a climbing guide by Michael Wood and Colby Coombs
Instructional Category: The complete sea kayaker's handbook by Shelley Johnson; honorable mention: The mountain traveller's handbook : your companion from city to summit by Paul Deegan
Classic Category: honorable mention: Backwoods ethics : a guide to low-impact camping and hiking by Laura and Guy Waterman

History/Biography Category: A river running west : the life of John Wesley Powell by Donald Worster; Sunk without a sound : the tragic Colorado honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde by Brad Dimock
Literature Category: Where the pavement ends : one woman's bicycle trip through Mongolia, China, & Vietnam by Erika Warmbrunn
Outdoor Classic Category: Wilderness and the American mind by Roderick Nash (5th ed (2014) here)
Design and Artistic Merit Category: The living wild by Art Wolfe
Children's Category: What does the sky say? by Nancy White Carlstrom ; illustrated by Tim Ladwig; Coyote and badger : desert hunters of the Southwest by Bruce Hiscock
Nature and Environment Category: Wild solutions : how biodiversity is money in the bank by Andrew Beattie and Paul Ehrlich; honorable mention: For love of wildness : the journal of a U.S. game management agent by Terry Grosz; honorable mention: Pacific light : images of the Monterey Peninsula by Douglas Steakley ; poetry by Ric Masten
Nature Guidebook: Butterflies through binoculars : the West : a field guide to the butterflies of western North America by Jeffrey Glassberg; honorable mention: The raptor almanac by Scott Weidensaul
Instructional Category: The Orvis fly-tying guide by Tom Rosenbauer ; illustrations by Rod Walinchus ; fly pattern photographs by Henry Ambrose
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Fifty favorite climbs : the ultimate North American tick list by Mark Kroese; honorable mention: Hike America : Virginia: an atlas of Virginia's greatest hiking adventures by Bill & Mary Burnham; honorable mention: 101 hikes in Northern California : exploring mountains, valleys, and seashore by Matt Heid

Children's Category: The blueberry shoe by Ann Dixon ; linocut illustrations by Evon Zerbetz; Jellies : the life of jellyfish by Twig C. George
History Biography Category: The wildest dream : the biography of George Mallory by Peter and Leni Gillman
Literature Category: On Celtic tides : one man's journey around Ireland by sea kayak by Chris Duff
Nature and the Environment Category: Wildlife wars : the life and times of a fish and game warden by Terry Grosz; Penguin planet : their world, our world by Kevin Schafer
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Bradford Washburn : mountain photography ; photographs by Bradford Washburn ; edited and compiled by Antony Decaneas
Instructional Category: The National Outdoor Leadership School's wilderness guide by Mark Harvey
Nature Guidebook Category: Guide to marine mammals & turtles of the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico by Kate Wynne and Malia Schwatz ; illustrated by Garth Mix
Adventure Guidebook Category: Guide to sea kayaking Central and Northern California by Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner; honorable mention: Montana and Idaho's Continental Divide Trail by Lynna Howard ; photography by Leland Howard
Outdoor Classic Award: A Sand County almanac ; and sketches here and there by Aldo Leopold

History/Biography Category: One man's wilderness : an Alaskan odyssey by Sam Keith ; from the journals and photographs of Richard Proenneke
Literature Category: The lost river : a memoir of life, death, and transformation on wild water by Richard Bangs
Children's Category: The Inuksuk book by Mary Wallace
Nature and the Environment Category: Washington's Mount Rainier National Park : a centennial celebration by Tim McNulty ; photographs by Pat O'Hara; Islands of hope : lessons from North America's great wildlife sanctuaries by Phillip Manning
Instructional Category: Extreme Alpinism : climbing light, fast, and high by Mark Twight and James Martin
Nature Guidebook Category: Scats and tracks of the Rocky Mountains : a field guide to the signs of 70 wildlife species by James Halfpenny; honorable mention: Vermont and New Hampshire winter trails by Marty Basch
Design and Artistic Merit Category: Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail by Leonard Adkins ; photographs by Joe and Monica Cook; honorable mention: Spotted Bear : a Rocky Mountain folktale by Hanneke Ippisch ; illustrated by Hedvig Rappe-Flowers ;  designed by Kim Ericsson
Adventure Guidebook Category: Trout Unlimited's guide to America's 100 best trout streams by John Ross
Outdoor Classic Award: Cache Lake country : life in the North Woods by John J. Rowlands

Nature Guidebook Category: A field guide to snakes of Florida by Alan Tennant; honorable mention: Colorado nature almanac by Stephen R. Jones and Ruth Carol Cushman
Nature and the Environment Category: The Columbia : sustaining a modern resource, text and photographs by Tim Palmer; honorable mention: The Arctic wolf : living with the pack by David Mech
Outdoor Adventure Guidebook Category: Colorado's Continental Divide Trail by Tom Lorang Jones
Instructional Category: Knots  & ropes for climbers by Duane Raleigh
Design and Artistic Merit: Track of the tiger, edited by Maurice Hornocker; honorable mention: 100 Classic Hikes in Washington by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning
History/Biography Category: The doing of the thing : the brief and brilliant whitewater career of Buzz Holmstom by Vince Welch, Cort Conley, and Brad Dimock
Outdoor Literature Category: Postcards from the ledge : collected mountaineering writings of Greg Child by Greg Child
Outdoor Classic: Two in the Far North by Margaret Murie; Mountaineering : the freedom of the hills, edited by Don Graydon and Kurt Hanson (7th ed. (2003) here)

Literature Category: Landscapes of the interior : re-explorations of nature and the human spirit by Don Gayton; honorable mention: The sacred place : witnessing the holy in the physical world, edited by Scott Olsen and Scott Cairns
Outdoor Education Category: Sharing the wonder of birds with kids by Laura Erickson ; illustrations by Kathryn Marsaa
Instructional/How-to Category: Ragged Mountain Press guide to outdoor sports by Jonathan and Roseann Hanson
Guidebook Category: Canoe country flora : plants and trees of the North Woods and Boundary Waters by Mark Stensaas ; illustrated by Jeff Sonstegard
Design and Artistic Merit: honorable mention: The Rocky Mountain wild foods cookbook by Darcy Williamson

Wildlife Society Wildlife Publication Awards

Wildlife Publication Awards
Sponsored by the Wildlife Society, the Wildlife Publication Awards recognize excellence in scientific literature of wildlife biology and management issued within the last three years. The publications selected are characterized by originality of research or thought and a high scholastic standard in the manner of presentation. Fishery publications are excluded since these are the prerogative of the American Fisheries Society. Click The Wildlife Society for more information about sponsor of this award.

Book: Applications for advancing animal ecology by Michael L. Morrison, Leonard A. Brennan, Bruce G. Marcot, William M. Block, and Kevin S. McKelvey
Edited Book: Invasive birds : global trends and impacts, edited by Colleen T. Downs and Lorinda Hart
Biography/History of Wildlife Biology: The real thing : the natural history of Ian McTaggart Cowan by Briony Penn
Article/Journal Paper: Wiens JD, Dugger KM, Higley JM, Lesmeister DB, Franklin AB, Hamm KA, White GC, Dilione KE, Simon DC, Bown RR, Carlson PC, Yackulic CB, Nichols JD, Hines JE, Davis RJ, Lamphear DW, McCafferty C, McDonald TL, Sovern SG. Invader removal triggers competitive release in a threatened avian predator. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Aug 3;118(31):e2102859118. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2102859118. PMID: 34282032; PMCID: PMC8346899.
Monograph: Tinker, M. T., Bodkin, J. L., Bowen, L., Ballachey, B., Bentall, G., Burdin, A., Coletti, H., Esslinger, G., Hatfield, B. B., Kenner, M. C., Kloecker, K., Konar, B., Miles, A. K., Monson, D. H., Murray, M. J., Weitzman, B. P., & Estes, J. A. (2021). Sea otter population collapse in southwest Alaska: assessing ecological covariates, consequences, and causal factors. Ecological Monographs, 91(4).
Student Paper: Hobart, B. K., Jones, G. M., Roberts, K. N., Dotters, B. P., Whitmore, S. A., Berigan, W. J., Raphael, M. G., Keane, J. J., Gutiérrez, R. J., & Peery, M. Z. (2019). Trophic interactions mediate the response of predator populations to habitat change. Biological Conservation, 238, 108217–.

Book: The common kestrel by Richard Sale
Edited Book: Yellowstone wolves : science and discovery in the world's first national park, edited by Douglas W. Smith, Daniel R. Stahler, and Daniel R. MacNulty
Article/Journal Paper: Kramer, G. R., Andersen, D. E., Buehler, D. A., Wood, P. B., Peterson, S. M., Lehman, J. A., Aldinger, K. R., Bulluck, L. P., Harding, S., Jones, J. A., Loegering, J. P., Smalling, C., Vallender, R., & Streby, H. M. (2018). Population trends in Vermivora warblers are linked to strong migratory connectivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(14), E3192–E3200.
Monograph: Berry, Yee, J. L., Shields, T. A., & Stockton, L. (2020). The catastrophic decline of tortoises at a fenced natural area. Wildlife Monographs, 205(1), 1–53.

Book: Yellowstone cougars : ecology before and during wolf restoration by Tori Ruth, Polly Buotte, and Maurice Hornocker
Edited Book: Invasive wild pigs in North America : ecology, impacts, and management, edited by Kurt C. VerCauteren, James C. Beasley, Stephen S. Ditchkoff, John J. Mayer, Gary J. Roloff, and Bronson K. Strickland
Article/Journal Paper: Suraci, Clinchy, M., Zanette, L. Y., Wilmers, C. C., & Grether, G. (2019). Fear of humans as apex predators has landscape‐scale impacts from mountain lions to mice. Ecology Letters, 22(10), 1578–1586.
Monograph: Kerk, Onorato, D. P., Hostetler, J. A., Bolker, B. M., & Oli, M. K. (2019). Dynamics, persistence, and genetic management of the endangered Florida panther population. Wildlife Monographs, 203(1), 3–35.

Book: Steller's Sea Eagle by Richard Sale, Vladimir Borisovich Masterov, and Michael S Romanov
Edited Book: Wild migrations : atlas of Wyoming’s ungulates by by Matthew J. Kauffman, James E. Meacham, Hall Sawyer, Alethea Y. Steingisser, William J. Rudd, and Emilene Ostlind
Article/Journal Paper: Gilbert, S. L., Sivy, K. J., Pozzanghera, C. B., DuBour, A., Overduijn, K., Smith, M. M., … Prugh, L. R. (2017). Socioeconomic Benefits of Large Carnivore Recolonization Through Reduced Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions. Conservation Letters, 10(4), 430–439.
Monograph: Gibson, D., Blomberg, E. J., Atamian, M. T., Espinosa, S. P., & Sedinger, J. S. (2018). Effects of power lines on habitat use and demography of greater sage‐grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus). Wildlife Monographs, 199(1), 1–41.

Book: Urban wildlife management by Clark E. Adams, Kieran J. Lindsey, and Sara J. Ash
Edited Book: Ecology and conservation of lesser prairie-chickens, edited by David A. Haukos, Clint W. Boal
Article: Lamb, C. T., Mowat, G., McLellan, B. N., Nielsen, S. E., Boutin, S., & Gaillard, J. (2017). Forbidden fruit: human settlement and abundant fruit create an ecological trap for an apex omnivore. Journal of Animal Ecology, 86(1), 55–65.
Monograph: Reynolds, R. T., Lambert, J. S., Flather, C. H., White, G. C., Bird, B. J., Baggett, L. S., … Bayard De Volo, S. (2017). Long-term demography of the Northern Goshawk in a variable environment. Wildlife Monographs, 197(1), 1–40.

Book: Snow leopards : biodiversity of the world : conservation from genes to landscapes by Tom McCarthy and David Mallon
Edited Book: Golden-winged warbler ecology, conservation, and habitat management, edited by Henry M. Streby, David E. Andersen, and David A. Buehler
Article: Serrouya, R., Wittmann, M. J., McLellan, B. N., Wittmer, H. U., & Boutin, S. (2015). Using predator-prey theory to predict outcomes of broadscale experiments to reduce apparent competition. The American Naturalist, (5), 655. doi:10.1086/680510
Monograph: WIENS, J. D., ANTHONY, R. G., & FORSMAN, E. D. (2014). Competitive Interactions and Resource Partitioning Between Northern Spotted Owls and Barred Owls in Western Oregon. Wildlife Monographs, 185(1), 1-50. doi:10.1002/wmon.1009

Book: Human diseases from wildlife by Michael R. Conover and Rosanna M. Vail
Edited Book: Handbook of road ecology, edited by Rodney van der Ree, Daniel J. Smith, and Clara Grilo
Article: Winder, V. L., K. M. Carrlson, A. J. Gregory, C. A. Hagen, D. A. Haukos, D. C. Kesler, L C. Larsson, T. W. Matthews, L. B. McNew, M. A. Patten, J. C. Pitman, L. A. Powell, J. A. Smith, T. Thompson, D. H. Wolfe, and B. K. Sandercock. 2015. Factors affecting female space use in ten populations of prairie chickens. Ecosphere 6(9):166.
Monograph: MONTEITH, K., LONG, R., BLEICH, V., HEFFELFINGER, J., KRAUSMAN, P., & BOWYER, R. (2013). Effects of Harvest, Culture, and Climate on Trends in Size of Horn-Like Structures in Trophy Ungulates. Wildlife Monographs, 183, 1-27.

Book: Ducks, geese, and swans of North America by Guy A. Baldassarre
Edited Book: Wildlife science : connecting research with management, edited by Joseph P. Sands, Stephen J. DeMaso, Matthew J. Schnupp, and Leonard A. Brennan
Article: Engen, S., Lande, R., Sæther, B.-E., Groeneveld, J., & Day, T. (2014). Evolutionary Consequences of Nonselective Harvesting in Density-Dependent Populations. American Naturalist, 184(6), 714–726.
Monograph: MONTEITH, K. L., BLEICH, V. C., STEPHENSON, T. R., PIERCE, B. M., CONNER, M. M., KIE, J. G., & BOWYER, R. T. (2014). Life-History Characteristics of Mule Deer: Effects of Nutrition in a Variable Environment. Wildlife Monographs, 186(1), 1-56. doi:10.1002/wmon.1011

Book: Frogs of the United States and Canada by C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
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