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Subject Guide: Criminal Justice: Award-winning Books

This guide contains sources for finding information in the field of Criminal Justice.

Michael J. Hindelang Award

The Michael J. Hindelang Award is given annually to a book that makes the most outstanding contribution to research in criminology. Click American Society of Criminology for more information about the sponsor of this award.

2021  Digital punishment :  privacy, stigma, and the harms of data-driven criminal justice by Sarah E. Lageson
2020  The chosen ones : Black men and the politics of redemption by Nikki Jones
2019  Down, out, and under arrest : policing and everyday life in Skid Row by Forrest Stuart
2018  Caught : the prison state and the lockdown of American politics by Marie Gottschalk
2017  Hard bargains : the coercive power of drug laws in federal court by Mona Lynch
2016  Falling back : incarceration and transitions to adulthood among urban youth by Jamie Fader
2015  America's safest city : delinquency and modernity in suburbia by Simon Singer
2014  Great American city : Chicago and the enduring neighborhood effect by Robert J. Sampson
2013  The black child-savers : racial democracy and American juvenile justice by Geoff Ward
2012  Peculiar institution : America's death penalty in an age of abolition by David Garland
2011  American homicide by Randolph Roth
2010  Governing through crime : how the war on crime transformed American democracy and created a culture of fear by Jonathan Simon
2009  Darfur and the crime of genocide by John Hagan and Wenona Wymond-Richmond
2008  Punishment and inequality in America by Bruce Western
2007  Judging juveniles : prosecuting adolescents in adult and juvenile courts by Aaron Kupchik
2006  Confessions of a dying thief : understanding criminal careers and illegal enterprises by Darrell Steffensmeier and Jeffery Ulmer
2005  Companions in crime : the social aspects of criminal conduct by Mark Warr
2004  Shared beginnings, divergent lives : delinquent boys to age 70 by John Laub & Robert Sampson
2003  Gangs and delinquency in developmental perspective by Terence Thornberry, Marvin Krohn, Alan Lizotte, Carolyn Smith, and Kimberly Tobin
2002  Bad kids : race and the transformation of the juvenile court by Barry Feld
2001  Making good : how ex-convicts reform and rebuild their lives by Shadd Maruna
2000  Crime in context : a critical criminology of market society by Ian Taylor
1999  Political policing : the United States and Latin America by Martha K. Huggins
1998  Mean streets : youth crime and homelessness by Bill McCarthy and John Hagan
1997  Control balance : toward a general theory of deviance by Charles R. Tittle
1996  No award given
1995  Gender, crime, and punishment by Kathleen Daly
1994  Crime in the making : pathways and turning points through life by Robert J. Sampson and John H. Laub
1993  Point blank : guns and violence in America by Gary Kleck
1992  Girls, delinquency, and juvenile justice by Meda Chesney-Lind and Randall G. Shelden
1991  Crime, shame, and reintegration by John Braithwaite