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How to Find a Book Review

How Book Review Indexes Work

Book review indexes in print list citations for reviews, but do not include the reviews themselves. Here is a typical citation for King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild:

Hochschild, Adam King Leopold’s Ghost

For Aff – v78 – Mr ’99 – p158 [51-500]

In this example, "For Aff" is the abbreviation for Foreign Affairs, a journal that published a review of King Leopold’s Ghost. "v78" is volume 98; "Mr '99" is March 1999, and "p158" is page 158. The numbers in square brackets indicate the approximate length of the review, in numbers of words. 

Consult each index to determine what abbreviations mean.

A book is usually reviewed in the year it is published, but a year or more may elapse before reviews appear. Reviews for a book published in 1997 might be found in an index for that year, but are more likely to appear in the 1998 or 1999 volumes of a book review index.  

Book Review Indexes (in paper format) 

The following indexes are in the Reference Collection in the library:

Book Review Index (1965 – Current Issues)
REF. Z1035.A1 B6

  • Arranged by author. Title Index. The most comprehensive book index.

Book Review Digest (1905 – 2000)
REF. Z1219 .B78

  • Arranged by author. Title Index. Contains excerpts from reviews.

Children's book review index (1975 – Current Issues)
CURRIC. REF. 028.52 C5362

  • Arranged by author.