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Library Resources for Genetics

Welcome Biochemistry students. 
This guide will lead you to research tools for chemistry and biochemistry.

Please review the pages of this guide, but if you've been here before, here are some best bet resources.  

Biochemistry journals @ Livingston Lord Library

If you want to explore some of the journals MSUM offers in biochemistry, the tool for you is called Browzine. This directory lets you peruse issues and read articles. It's especially helpful for reading on a tablet or mobile device. If you want to search for some articles, use the databases in this guide.

Try the Browzine app
Also, visit your app store so you can download Browzine for the experience of reading these journals in full screen display--like an ebook reader.

Browser Extension LibKey

To save yourself time, add the LibKey Nomad extension to your browser. The extension will link you from webpages (like PubMed or Wikipedia) to MSUM Library's subscription content.  If MSUM doesn't subscribe to the material, it will give you "access options" which is another way of saying it will link you to our interlibrary loan request page. It is a very handy tool.

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