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ENGL 201: English Composition II

ESSAY #1 The Persuasive Summary

Entering the Conversation

In the first unit of English 201, we read chapters 1-12 of On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Select and address aspects you learned from, and about, Zinsser and summarize. 1100 words minimum.

Write an essay in which you demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts from Zinsser’s book On Writing Well by relating them to real-life example(s) including those drawn from your own experience. You might choose to work with one extended example or supply different examples for each concept you discuss. Whichever strategies you choose, your purposes are to do the following:

  • Show the reader your understanding of Zinsser and the concepts he discusses.
  • Enrich your and your readers’ thinking about these concepts by elaborating (using a persuasive / argumentative framework) on how they might apply (or not apply) to your summary of the Zinsser reading.
  • Include Work Cited page.