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This guide is for your argumentative research paper.





Length:  5 full pages + a Works Cited page (on the 6th page)


Due:    First draft is due in class on Wednesday, November 28th (we’ll be peer-editing

in class)

Final Draft (with peer editing sheet, first draft, and articles used with passages

            highlighted) is due on Monday, December 3rd


Format: MLA format (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-size standard font style throughout, student and course information in top left corner of first page, last name and page number in Header against right margin, centered title)


Audience: general audience (classmates and professor)


Objectives: to compose a five-page research paper that presents a convincing, well-reasoned Rogerian argument. It must include from 4 to 8 different reliable sources in the form of direct quotations, which must be correctly cited in the essay as well as on the Works Cited page.


Directions:  Write a paper that does one of the following:

  • makes a proposal
  • advocates a change
  • takes a stand


    Topic choice is a crucial first step in making an interesting, effective essay; choose a topic that is close to you, important to you, or interesting to you.


    Second, research the topic. Your paper should explain the ways in which people have divided over the topic, and what their reasons are for doing so. Some class time will be devoted for research time in the Library’s Reference area or in a Computer Lab, but more individual research time will be required. Find sources that present the views on your topic and explain the reasoning behind those views. Sources must come from our library’s catalog: this includes paper books and journals, as well as electronic sources from the library’s electronic databases. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE OTHER WEBSITES, WIKIS, OR BLOGS. Remember: at least four and not more than eight different reliable sources must be used.



See full assignment guidelines handed out by Professor Frederickson.


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