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About the Curriculum Materials Center

This guide provides information about the Curriculum Materials Center at MSUM

CMC Librarian Assistance for Students and Faculty

The CMC Librarian provides specialized services for the Curriculum Materials Center including: 

  • Reference service, including via chat and email, as well as walk ins and appointments.
  • Basic Instruction for students in accessing and using CMC materials, education journals, and other professional education resources for specific assignments or general use.
  • Specialized Instruction on educational topics such as censorship, reading aloud, book talking, and various aspects of children's literature.
  • Assistance to Teacher Education faculty in selecting educational materials for the library.

The CMC open classroom (LI 209C), may be used by faculty who would like students to examine various CMC materials within the library. This classroom may be booked through the University's EMS scheduling system.

The classroom/lab on second floor (LI 208) may be booked through the University's EMS scheduling system.

To schedule an instructional session contact the CMC Librarian.