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Humanities 101

This is a guide to finding e-books for your course.

Associate Professor and High Impact Practices Librarian

How to Find "Rennaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction"

The Library's Catalog for finding books, electronic books, articles and more is called Dragon OneSearch.  You may access Dragon OneSearch on the Library Web Site.  Here is a step by step guide to locating the book, "Renaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction" in Dragon OneSearch.

1. Go to the Library Web Site

2. If you are accessing from off - campus (ONLY if you are off-campus), click on the "Off Campus" button and sign in with your Star ID and Password. 

3. Type in the key words  very short introduction rennaissance art and click the magnifying glass to search.


4. Sign in with your Star ID and password to get complete results.


5. Geraldine A. Johnson's book should be the first result. It says "Book" and "Available Online."  If the Johnson-authored book is not the first result, go to the left side and click "Books" under "Resource Type."


6. Click "Available Online."


 7.  Scroll down and you will see that the online version of this book is available via Oxford Publications. Click the link that says - Very Short Introductions (OUP) subscription for MSU Moorhead.   It is divided by chapters and completely readable online.