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RefWorks Introduction: Google Docs and RefWorks

Google Docs Plug In

RefWorks offers an add-in for Google Docs. that allows you to drop any citation from your RefWorks account into a Word document, fully-formatted in whatever citation style you choose. It also creates and automatically updates a bibliography or works cited page. Using this add-in can help you spend less time on citations and formatting and more on the actual work of writing.

Installing RefWorks in Google Docs.

1. Open a blank document and click Add-ons > Get Add-ons and search for "refworks" or "proquest".

2. Click Free and Allow to add RefWorks for Google Docs.

3. Select Add-ons > ProQuest RefWorks > Manage citations. A RefWorks sidebar opens on the right of Google Docs.

4. Whenever you open the sidebar, if you did not log out after your last session, you are still logged in. If you are not logged in, enter your credentials to log in to RefWorks. Your references appear in the sidebar.

5. To configure the default output style, select Change citation style in the configuration menu, select a citation style (pre-configured in your RefWorks account), and select Update. Every time you perform this action, all references in the document, and the bibliography, update to the new style.

Inserting Citations and Bibliography

1. Select the reference and select CIte this

1a. Text is inserted directly into the document.

1b. A bibliography of references is created at the end of the document. If the bibliography already exists, the reference is added to it.

2. If you delete a reference within RefWorks, select Update document from the configuration menu. Your document refreshes and the deleted reference is removed from your bibliography list (not the actual bibliography).

3. Go back to the Libguide page. Click on the "Proofreading Refworks" tab. Read the section on common mistakes before submitting paper.