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RefWorks Introduction: Advanced Users

Advanced RefWorks Users

RefWorks has a lot to offer! But it can be overwhelming if you are looking for a simple way to add citations and a bibliography. However, if you are looking for more advanced instruction this is the page for you! 



See link below for detailed instructions from Proquest.

Save to RefWorks Bookmark 

RefWorks offers a tool that will try to scan the page you are on, whether that is a database or a web site, and import its citation information into RefWorks.

1. To install this tool, click on the button that looks like a gear called "tools" towards the top of the page. 

2. In the drop down menu click on "tools"

3. Click on "Install Save to RefWorks"

4. Drag the bookmark to the bookmark bar in your browser.

5. Whenever you want to try to save something to RefWorks from a database or webpage, click on this button in your bookmark bar and RefWorks will open a panel and try to pull the information needed for a citation.

*This tool works better on some databases than others, but it's always worth a try because of how seamless it is when it works!

Editing RefWorks Citations

1. Click directly on the citation you want to edit (not in the box to the left of the citation). A panel will appear on the right side of the screen. 

2. Click the pencil button on the upper right. 

3. Edit the information.  

4. Click "save" at the top. 


Saving Full Text Documents into RefWorks

1. Click on the citation that you want to add the full text document to. A panel on the side will pop up. 

2. In the panel click on the pencil icon at the top right of the pop up. 

3. Scroll down to "attachments" and click "add an attachment." 

4. Find the desired file and click "save". 

*Once you have a full text document saved into RefWorks you can annotate and highlight the document within RefWorks. See Below. *

1. Click on the citation that you want to read. A panel on the side will pop up. 

2. Click on the button "read" under the citation title in the panel. It will take you to the full text. 

3. At the top of the ribbon you can choose to highlight by clicking on the "A", and comment on the document by clicking on the text bubble. 


Sharing RefWorks Citations

*Share citations for group projects*

1. Click "Sharing" (icon with two people) in the left sidebar.

2. Click "Share a Folder." A box will pop up with a menu that will allow you to choose the folder to share and enter the email addresses of anyone you want to invite (they will need to have their own RefWorks account).

3. Click on "Only invited people may access."  (The folder will only be shared with people of your choice). 

4. Click "Done." (Now other users will be able to comment, edit, and annotate anything in that folder).