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HIST 302: East Asia History II - Tintle: Home

Traditional China, Japan, and Korea from the Neolithic cultures to mid-19th century.

Reading List for History 302

Required Textbooks

1)      The Making of Modern Japan by Marius B. Jansen (Copy at MSUM's Library:

2)      God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan by Jonathan Spence. (not available at MSUM's Library, but can be             requested via interlibrary loan)

3)      Modern East Asia: A Brief History by Conrad Schirokauer, Donald N. Clark (not available at MSUM's Library)

Other Books

(These books are all available electronically through the MSUM Livingston Lord Library website or  designated as Amazon, D2L, etc.).


 Cao, Dawei, and Yanjing Sun. 2011. China's history.  Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia.

Cheng, L., & Bagg, M. 2009.  Berkshire encyclopedia of China: Modern and historic views of the world's newest and oldest global power.  Great Barrington, Mass.: Berkshire Pub.  Group.

Chun, Shan. 2012. Major aspects of Chinese religion and philosophy Dao of inner saint and outer king. Berlin: Springer.


Gardner, Daniel K. 2014. Confucianism a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Huang, Junjie, and John Allen Tucker. 2014. Dao companion to Japanese Confucian philosophy. Heidelberg: Springer.


Mitter, Rana, Modern China: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd edn (Oxford, 2016; online edn, Very Short Introductions online, Feb. 2016), 


Zheng, Qian. 2011. China's ethnic groups and religions. The Sinopedia Series Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd.








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