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EECE 433: Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum: Background Information on Your Topic

How to locate resources in the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) and the MSUM library for the EECE 433 curriculum unit assignment.

Background – These will give you background information on your topic.

Before you can teach a topic, you need to know about the topic. Use these resources to find information about your topic's background information:

Childcraft: The How and Why Library  (Curriculum Reference 031 C536)

This series of books is specifically geared towards preschool and early childhood audiences. Look up your topic in the index (volume 15) and then go to the appropriate volume. Includes songs and poetry on topics. Two sets are available.

K-12 Databases

Use the research guide, K-12 Databses to access online background information.

Search PebbleGo or Britannica Online Library Kids Edition for background information.


Children's books are another good sources of background information. Search for children's books in the CMC using Dragon OneSearch.