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ENGL 286: Writing for the Workplace - Hamrick: Explore topic keywords

Research a problem, issue, concern in your proposed job field

Encyclopedias to explore

Name your topic

First thing is to write down what keywords including synonyms you know that describe your topic.

ex 1. Ebooks, E-books, electronic books, digital libraries

ex. 2. E-rate, Telecommunications Act of 1996

Change your point of view to expand search

Look at your topic from BROADER, NARROWER, and RELATED point of view.

example 1: topic is e-rate

BROADER: digital divide, internet in schools (or libraries)


RELATED: filtering internet


example 2: topic is e-books in libraries

BROADER: digital information, internet, book industry

NARROWER: E-book pricing, e-book licensing

RELATED: online textbooks, publisher bundled collections, leasing versus ownership, first-sale doctrine