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Voting 101: North Dakota Residents

Information about eligibilty, registration, ballots, and polling.

Where Can I Vote?

1) Voting in Your Hometown

If you attend college in your hometown and still reside at home, you vote in the precinct (voting area) of your residence.If you attend college away from your North Dakota residence and you live on or off campus, you may still vote in your hometown elections. You can do this either by absentee voting or by actually traveling back and voting in person on Election Day at your hometown precinct polling location.

2) Voting in Your College Town

If you attend college away from your North Dakota residence and you live on or off campus, you may vote in the precinct (voting area) of your college residence. Be aware however, that if you vote at your college polling location you will lose your residency back home.

3) Voting Absentee in Your Home State

If you attend college in North Dakota but are a resident of another state, contact the state election official in your home state for information about the voter qualifications and the procedures for voting absentee in your home state. Because in most cases, if you vote in an election in North Dakota your residency will change from your home state to North Dakota. Access to the Secretaries of State offices across the country can be found through the National Association of Secretaries of State web site


Polling Places

Please use the following link to find out where your polling place is located.

It's Your Right! North Dakota Student Voter Information

    No Voter Registration

North Dakota is the only state that doesn't require voter registration.  You have no registration requiremets prior to voting.  Precincts keep a voter list of people who have voted in that precinct previously.  When you go to the precinct that you have voted in before, the poller will ask for identification and he/she will find your name on the list and then you can vote. If you haven't voted before in that precinct and a poller can vouch for you, you must provide your birthdate and you can vote.  If there isn't anyone who can vouch for you, then you must sign an affadavit stating that you are a qualified elector of that precinct and then you will be allowed to vote.

Please note that all of the information contained on this page can be found on the North Dakota Secretary of State web page at 


Who Can Vote?

College students can vote in North Dakota if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are a U.S. citizen
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are a resident of North Dakota
  • Are a resident in your precinct for at least 30 days preceding the election

Voting Absentee


If you are a college student who is a North Dakota resident and living away from your permanent residence, you may wish to vote by absentee ballot so that your voice is heard in your home precinct elections. An absentee ballot conveniently allows you to vote either in person at your county auditor’s office before Election Day or by mail, without physically having to go to your polling location on Election Day.

Absentee ballot applications may be completed by clicking on the Absentee Ballot Application Wizard at  Election officials of the county, city, or school district may also furnish absentee ballot applications to qualified electors. Application may also be made by providing the following information to the proper election official: