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Streaming Video Sites: Kanopy FAQ

Kanopy- Changes for January 2020-

Important Changes for users of Kanopy service - January 2020

We are shifting from an on-demand purchase model for Kanopy to a mediated model in order to control costs due to budgetary restrictions. The current purchase model gave users most convenience, but the usage greatly exceeded available funding.

Movies that do not already have a license through Kanopy will be available for viewing only after library intervention.  If you find a film on Kanopy that you want to watch, an automated pop-up will prompt you to place a request. Library staff will process the requests and purchase the films as budget permits.  Most licenses on Kanopy expire after one year, so future access will require new requests.

We urge faculty to use existing licensed titles before their expiration dates.  A list of these titles is below.

We are making this change in order to ensure that we can continue to provide access to this valuable resource in a sustainable way.

The switch will take place effective immediately (January 13, 2020).