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Open Educational Resources (OERs): Library Resources

This guide is designed to help Minnesota State University Moorhead faculty find, create, evaluate, and incorporate Open Educational Resources and Affordable Textbooks in the classroom and online.

Welcome to Your Library!

Consider filling in some of the gaps by using library resources, such as ebooks, articles, or streaming video. 

Licensed ebooks, online journals, streaming video, and other online resources available through Library subscriptions are not considered Open Educational Resources. 

These resources are restricted to currently enrolled Minnesota State University Moorhead students, faculty and staff, and they are already-licensed materials that do not allow for customization and reuse or redistribution the same way as OERs. Although library online resources are not "open", you can take advantage of our wealth of resources and make available them available at no cost to your students by linking to them in D2L. 

Below is a list of some of the many resources that we have along with some other helpful suggestions for using the Library!


  1. Our Mission to "(acquire) and (organize) resources and (provide) the services that sustain research, support curricula, teach critical thinking, advance information literacy skills, encourage reading, advocate intellectual freedom, and enhance thoughtful, informed citizenship."
  2. Our Interests and Expertise - we are multi-disciplinary in our interests and scholarly pursuits.  We can help you not only find materials to use (check our our Subject Guides) but we can help you with Copyright and Creative Commons Licenses.
  3. Infrastructure - we have partnerships and networks across the globe and across campus.  We have dedicated subject Library liaisons for each department who can help you and your students. 

We are helpful, friendly, dedicated, learner focused and welcome opportunities to work with you!

Select Library Resources


A complete A to Z list of the Library's research databases.

Open Access by Discipline

Disciplinary Repositories
OpenDOAR Directory of Repositories
Global directory of open access repositories and their policies.

List of Disciplinary Repositories
The list is alphabetical by field, maintained by the Open Access Directory and hosted by Simmons College.

Digital Commons Network
Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, it includes a large collection of peer-reviewed scholarly work from hundreds of universities worldwide.

PubMed Central
Open archive of biomedical and life sciences literature from the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine.

Social Science Research Network
SSRN´s eLibrary provides 893,649 research papers from 433,758 researchers across 30 disciplines (not just the social sciences).

Open Data
Is one of the largest registry of data repositories available on the web. Covers a wide range of disciplines.

Open Data Repositories
List of open data repositories organized by subject, maintained by the Open Access Directory, and hosted by Simmons College.

Data Science Central- List of Public Data Sets
Organized by subject and published by, which hosts a large amount of source code.

SPARC- Open Data
Group of academic research libraries that promote open scholarly communication. Contains data sharing requirements by U.S. federal agencies including NIH, NSF, and USDA.

Open Data Institute
Non-profit group that promotes open data

Article Linking

We know that you place articles on D2L Brightspace in order to make it easy for students to find and read valuable content for your classes.  BUT, did you also know that if you are putting PDFs directly into D2L Brightspace, you may be infringing on license agreements with publishers or violating copyright, exposing the University to the danger of a lawsuit?  And did you also know that by putting PDFs directly into D2L Brightspace, the library cannot track the usage of the resources we purchase, which may lead to us cancelling the resource?

For more information on linking articles in D2L Brightspace, see this guide.

Electronic Resources Librarian


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