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ENGL 300: Intro to Literary Studies - Rowse: Home

This guide will help you find resources for a annotated bibliography in MLA format.

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English 300 Final Paper

Dystopian Novel Paper


This project asks you to select a novel from a list provided by Professor Rowse. You will then do research on that book according to the following categories and assemble that information you find into a paper that demonstrates the importance of this genre and its continued popularity.

1. Information about the author

2. Reception history of the book

3. Literary critical commentaries on the book (formalist, psychological, Marxist, feminist, structuralist or postructuralist, New Historicist, multicultural, colonial or post-colonial - you must find at least 3 and may not use more than 5.

4. Adaptations of the book into movies, tv shows or other media




For assignment details, see the assignment sheet given to you by Professor Rowse.



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