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ENGL300: Intro to Literary Studies

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Final Paper
Please refer to the assignment sheet and your instructor for full information.

Select one title - The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, or Maus by Art Spiegelman - and do research on that book looking at its larger history and its history with attempts to censor or ban it. According to the categories in the paragraph below, assemble the information you find into a paper that demonstrates the importance of your book choice and of freedom of thought more generally.

Areas of research that must be completed and integrated into your paper follow:
1.) information about the author;
2.) reception history of the book, including attempts to suppress it;
3.) adaptations of the book into movies, TV shows, or other forms of media;
4.) the workings of censorship in the US and our history (enough to give you some thoughtful background).

Best Sources:

  • Book reviews
  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Published books

All are available through the library.

You will then build a paper based on your reading of the book and your research in which you discuss why your book choice should remain as widely available as possible. In your paper, you should also use your knowledge of literary criticism and theory to help support your idea of the book's overall value and to combat censorship for broadly.

Use MLA Style.