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Banned Books Assignment


This guide will help you find resources for your research paper.

From your assignment guidelines from Professor Rowse. These are not the complete guidelines - please consult your handout:

Fahrenheit 451 is not just a story about some weird futuristic society; it is a story that has within it many important discussions of life outside of the world of fiction. We have discussed some of the moments in the book where characters make arguments on various issues.

For this project, you will do the following:

(1) select an issue we discussed together (or another from the list that follows),

(2) research about Fahrenheit 451 in the ways described below and write a brief (2-3-

page) paper that discusses the conclusions resulting from your research,   


(3) write a paper that persuades an audience to take your view and be willing to act

 on it. Remember that your text book’s concept of persuasion is that it is convincing plus,

 and that plus is being prepared to act on something. This project and its process will

 involve several steps that I will lay out below.

First, the possible subjects for your paper are as follows: education (and its place in society); censorship (and its place in society); freedom of ideas; religion (and its place in society); media and entertainment; drug dependence; human feeling/human decency; and history (and its place in society). Each of these is prominent in the book, either integrated into the story via characters’ speeches and actions or as themes to be perceived from what happens in the book.

Second, this project will have a number of steps and pieces to be handed in. (See instructor guidelines for the rest of the assignment).

Some search terms to add to your search strategy could include:

intellectual freedom

freedom of speech




reading and language

reading and critical thinking

reading and brain

reading and learning






children books

children reading

suppressed books

suppressed literature




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