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Popular Reading: Home

Livingston Lord Library has lots of popular reading for all tastes: mystery, thrillers, fantasy, creative nonfiction, and more

Popular Reading Tour

Watch this video for a tour of our popular reading options.

Where to look

Livingston Lord Library offers a popular reading collection for easy browsing.It's currently located on the 1st floor.

Pop reading

Older or classic titles like the Hobbit or Gone with the Wind are in the stacks on the 4th floor.
Juvenile or young adult books such as Hunger Games are in the Curriculum Materials Center located on the 2nd floor

Why don't you have a 'fiction section'?

Full confession--it's not so easy to find recreational reading in an academic library! On the flip side, it is very convenient for students to find works by and about particular authors when they are writing papers.

The thing to know is that our fiction books are organized for the convenience of the scholar. So that means, the literature section is organized they way professors teach their survey classes--literature by country, subdivided by time periods, then by author. You will also discover that works BY an author (novels, plays, poetry, letters, etc) and works ABOUT that author (biography, criticisms) are on the same shelf!

Best to search the library catalog MnPals to guide your way.

Subject Guide

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Genre categories

Genres describe types of books (mysteries, suspense, science fiction, etc.) and our catalog will pull up lots of titles to choose from. Look at the tabs in this guide for ideas.

If you are interested in seeing a more complete list of genre headings, American Library Association has created a list of Genre Headings used by the Livingston Lord Library.

Take a seat

Remember, we have lots of comfortable seating for you to relax when you have found the perfect book. Hope to see you!