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Select a work from our text book, either of the two first volumes. You should select a work we are not going to cover together. For that work, you should research the following: 1. The historical and political climate of the time (prepare an overview, highlighting particular details that you find particularly important); 2. The original reception of the work (was it popular and/or accepted at the time, or was it unpopular originally); 3. The critical history of the work (read select pieces of criticism about the work, and prepare an overview); 4. The biography of the author (especially focusing on any relevance to the selected work); 5. Your analysis of what you found and how it’s important to our current understanding of the work. The final product should be 6-8 pages – word-processed and double-spaced,  should be appropriately cited in MLA format, and should clear, well-constructed, and free of error.

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