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Linking to Journal Articles: Home

Linking to Journal Articles

These instructions will show you how to link to full-text journal articles, allowing students the ability to access library materials off-campus. 


1. Locate a full-text article. I recommend using the Library's Dragon Discovery Service.

How to link to journal articles.


2. Select an article from the results list.



3. Click on the "Permalink" icon



4. Copy the permalink that appears on the page. 



5. The permalink should contain the prefix "" This prefix directs off-campus users to a login that will grant access full-text materials. Students can login with the StarID cedentials.  


6. Some databases do not automatically provide a proxied link. In these cases, you can try adding "" to the front of the database provided permalink to create your own proxed link. Please feel free to contact Travis Dolence ( if you need assistance with the process.



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Travis Dolence
Office: Livingston Lord Library, LI 117