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Assignment Summary

Your assignment is to write a response paper about a current article. The purpose of the response paper is to briefly summarize the article and then inform readers about your opinions or viewpoints about the article.

This paper will also demonstrate your ability to find a suitable article using an online database from our library. We will have two class days in the library’s computer lab to have library instruction and to find an article. The first step will be to find a current article on a topic of your choice. You will find this article in a popular magazine, a trade magazine, or an academic journal that is located in an online database. Suggested article topics could be from the following categories: sports, travel, food, a hobby or interest, pop culture, politics, fashion, current issues, or your major area of study.  You may choose a different category as long as the article contains ideas that you can respond to in several ways.  The article must be at least two pages in length. I suggest you choose an article less than six pages. The article must have been published in 2017 or 2018. Your article must have an author’s name listed.

For more details about writing your assignment, consult your assignment guidelines or your professor.

Subject Guide

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